Mr. Innis here is a registered sex offender in the State of Illinois. When Mr. Innis was 17 he committed the crime of Criminal Sexual Abuse by Force to a 13 year old child. He received probation, then violated it and it and did a short time in Prison.

Last year he was convicted and did 30 days in the county jail for being found in a public park!

According to sources they say Mr. Innis is not allowed as part of his registry to have a Facebook Page… Well if thats true (we could not verify) he is violating that see Frankie Jay Innis,

According to the registry Mr. Innis states he lives in Waverly Illinois, but according to several sources Mr. Innis is staying in Virden diagonally across the street from the Hardee’s Restaurant.

BEWARE!!! Keep your children away from this man! Share!!!


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  1. Dude looks like he’s 12

  2. He went to CACC with us and believe it or not was in the law inforcement program!!! Dan Nichols

  3. Sabrina Ackelson this the guy u went to school with?

  4. Lol this dudes sick mother fucker.. Fr dude needs his ass stomped n my opinion for what happen I’ve heard this story so many times n he needs his ass wooped n so does anyone else fuckin with kids…

  5. He hangs out at the school Kincaid when they have there wrestling thing we just seen him there like a week and half ago crazy

  6. Tony Fouts is he familiar?

  7. Yea he probably had a 13 yr old gf who probably looked older than him until her mom or dad found out happened to a couple kids I knew in high school

  8. This young man is harmless, it was his girlfriend at the time, Not rape. He does NOT hang out at the school, and sex offenders are allowed to have a FB account. He is allowed to go to an event at a school as well. Know your facts.

  9. This guy is my beat friend! He is completely harmless! He actually has a really big heart and cares about people. I’m sick of seeing foul posts about him. It’s not his fault that he was dating the girl and she turned on him. He wouldn’t hurt a damn fly! I’ve been here for him through ALOT since he’s been out and he hasn’t forced me to do ANYTHING. #learnyourfactsbeforejudging

    • Was several years older than the “victim”. The reports showed “force”. Violated his probation. Went to prison. Caught a violation again for being in a park last year. Now allegedly not registering where he lives… Sure great guy!

  10. 17 year old dating a 13 year old, because that’s a perfect relationship! Guy needs to go back to jail just for that.

  11. Okay let me just say. We were together for almost a year. When I was 17 up till I was 18. He is a great guy an the circumstances of his arrest are not what you all think. Take a second and actually read these comments. 1. He does not live in Virden. I live in Virden at the Virden street house. His father and mother allow me to live here when I do renevations on the house. And Frankie does come to help with renavations WHICH IS TOTTALY LEAGAL! 2. He had not been to a school but is allowed to come to functions if approved. 3. He has never, would never, and will never harm anyone. He has never forced me to do anything in the almost 2 years I have known him. 4. That Frankie jay innis Facebook page is MY Page. Again MY page. I started making it because my account has been hacked. So again people, be adults and read, and reserch before you make this man pay more and be punished more then he already was FOR A CRIME HE DID NO COMMIT

    • You’re a fucking joke bitch! You have your own personal Facebook account dumbass! It’s clear that you are not abiding by laws or Facebook rules!

      This is what’s wrong with this fucking county! Everyone loves to stick up for criminals. Go fuck yourself sex offender lover!

  12. It seems there’s some controversy on this topic. If you want to get technical he wasn’t 18yro at the time of charges, correct? This makes me sick. I don’t blame this kid but rather the girl’s parents. They were aware of her age obviously. Either they allowed a 13yro to hang out with people older than her and even date them or they weren’t doing their jobs as parents at all. Simple fact is she shouldn’t have been dating a 17yro guy period. In fact I don’t think at 13 she should’ve been dating period. Why? Because a 13yro is not physically and mentally mature enough to make appropriate decisions. They live in the moment like every other teenager and often times believe there’ll be no consequences long term. Fact is he her parents had been doing their jobs as parents, she wouldn’t have been put in the situation to start with. Furthermore, their lack of involvement has ruined this boy’s life it sounds like. Even if it was a statutory rape situation, everyone knows those are 2 willing partners for the most part. It’s illegal because of what I said about the physical mental maturation with respect to decision making. Sounds like they used the kid as an example. As for the girl creating a a FB Acct in his name to avoid fraud accts, honey you are a fraudulent account holder now. How is becoming one suppose to improve this situation. If this really was a case of rape and she was in fact not a willing partner, then obviously there’s a clear victim. That’s all.

    • I totally agree with you! I have a friend from MANY years back that was in a similar situation. He was a senior in high school “dated” a girl 2 yrs. He turns 18 she is 16 almost 17 Mommy & Daddy finds them having sex… girl panics and tells parents he “forced” her. He has a sex offender record the rest of his life, a big red light on his head blinking to all future neighbors, employers, colleges etc. Had to change career plans because of the record…..all because that particular girl was afraid to let parents know SHE was willingly having sex. I totally understand there’s a big problem with PERVS & CREEPS but there should be something to differentiate the above scenerio and creepy 35yr old Bob touching his 11 yr old nieces or daughters.

  13. Just a fact for all you out there living a FAIRY TALE LIFE… do yourselves a favor and come to the realization that the WOLVES IN THIS WORLD COME DRESSED IN SHEEPS CLOTHING! Do you know how SERIAL KILLERS are able to get victims? Their appearance!! Because serial killers can appear to be so innocuous, they are often overlooked by law enforcement officials, as well as their own families and peers. Think about it…. they do not appear strange, crazy looking or stand out from the public in any meaningful way. IF THEY DID THEY WOULD NEVER GET A VICTIM….PEOPLE WOULD RUN AWAY SCREAMING!!! This information applies to CHILD MOLESTERS as well! Do me another favor and take a look at some of these fine outstanding members of society that should make you all question the FAIRY TALE LIFE you have been programed into thinking was reality!!

  14. I personally know this whole dam family! Poor lil Frankie Jr. comes straight from the loins of sex crime perpetrators both maternally and paternally! Third generation in that family tree! Incest within the family has gone on for years. NO FUCKING EXCUSE AT ALL PERIOD!!! Unless he is totally incompetent(which he is not) he knows RIGHT FROM WRONG!! Any excuse you want to use to defend LIL FRANKIE JR. is your choice and if it makes you feel all safe and secure that is great but my choice is to keep the odds of ever becoming a victim of this POS or any of the other POS that commit these types of crimes in me and my families favor by not turning a blind eye to these worthless members of society and instead shining a spotlight on their asses!!!

  15. Finished with my rant for the day…anyone want to DEBATE me on either of my 2 previous comments? BRING IT Hope you all enjoy your day…be safe and stay alert!

  16. He is in the virden IL. Ai have Sen him walking the streets. I just seen this photos on facebook. I am also passing it on to my other manager at the apt complex I have there in virden.

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