Sex Offender Thomas Painter Arrested!

Remember Thomas Painter?


Congratulations to the Springfield IL Police for arresting him!

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3 Comments on "Sex Offender Thomas Painter Arrested!"

  1. First of all he didn’t have a gun , never had a gun , pretty dam sad that he got convicted for something the child’s sick grandfather done . Wtf the grandfather took pictures of this child nude with a dam bow on her privates and sent the pics to family for Christmas . Who gets away with sick ass shit like this . The law is fucking crooked to convict an innocent person and not convict the real person who done this !

  2. The law and justice system truly sucks here to convict an innocent person instead of convicting the child’s sick grandfather who did this to the child . Tommy is innocent . The grandfather took nude pictures of the child’s privates with a bow and sent them to the family as Christmas photos and was never arrested nor convicted of that wtf isn’t that enough to arrest that sick fuck ? Isn’t that child pornography ? Just goes to show u can’t even trust the judicial system . Fucking sick world we live in , makes me sick to my stomach that the real sex offender is out enjoying his life while this innocent man pays for the real sex offenders crime and has paid for it for over 20 yrs and will for the rest of his life . Shame on r judicial system !

  3. Hahahaha…innocent…okay….hahahahha

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