Sex Offender Probation!?

Something has came up recently in discussion here at Springfield Exposed and it makes a rather interesting argument.

Do You Think Sex Offenders Should Get Probation!?

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There have been several cases that we have brought to you, that the criminal was a sex offender and walked away with probation. In most of those cases the sex offender violated the probation and ended up going to prison anyway.


Meet Cory Stone.

You may remember Cory as the gay man who decided one March day in 2012 after dropping his boyfriend off at work to hop out of a car naked and expose himself to a child waiting for his bus.

Mr. Stone ended up pleading out and getting 2 years of Sex Offender Probation. He did though end up completely that probation successfully unlike many before him.

We are on the fence when it comes to this, naturally we don’t want to crowd our prisons with people who need “help”, but can you help a sex offender? Let us know what you think in the comment section below or via email at


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35 Comments on "Sex Offender Probation!?"

  1. Yes this piece of shit was jacking off in public and in front of children while they were waiting for the school bus !!!!!! He needs dealt with fucking piece of shit people like him need to be hung with barb wire!!!!

  2. He’s lucky he was in the back of the cop car when I arrived on the scene or we couldn’t have to worry about him being out to do it again!!!

  3. what a f’n disgrace…, yet drug offenders do time. pathetic

  4. Ummm for one he was streaking and this shit was years ago. I think this page has nothing new to show so they’re bringing up old news. This is pathetic. You dont know him so stfu.

  5. He didn’t do what the damn rumor was saying so get facts straight and then talk.

  6. he wasnt fucking streaking I know first hand what happened I was it was my step- son he did it too !!!

  7. He was stake naked seen the boy and jumped out of his car with a hard on and chased him !!!

  8. And that’s not a rumor!

  9. The kid his in a bush and called his step mom who called the police!!!!

  10. Well you don’t fucking know him. And I’m sorry he had paid for his consequences. He didn’t touch him. He didn’t pull him into his car. He isn’t what all you stupid mother fuckers are saying!

  11. Fuck you you goofy bitch maybe that’s what he told you streaking give me a break he didn’t touch him he didn’t put him in the car !!!!! cause he ran from him bitch that’s like catching a killer on the way to murder someone knowing that they are going to kill someone but saying he didn’t kill them that’s cause they got caught your a fucking retard but I’m gone from it !!!!!!!!

  12. Tiffany would you let him watch your kids?

  13. You show your naked ass to my kids, it’s getting dealt with! Fuck the bullshit excuse from anyone defending him. I’m believing the person who knows the truth & that sounds like Jim… So sorry to hear that happened to your step son. I can’t even imagine how traumatizing that was & still is

  14. And the cop told us he did it to a group of old ladies in Chatham,il the year before and another group of kids that morning before my step-son

    • Why wasn’t he caught and thrown in jail then? So many victims! So sad.

    • he got away quick enough they couldn’t catch him! my son had his cell on him that day ,so while hiding in the bushes he called his step mom down the road. she called the police and they gave a description and they caught him blocks away pulled him over and he was naked !

  15. Brian Owens Sr. Candice Thompson

  16. not only did he get out of his vehicle naked with a erection and run towards my son when my son ran this dude got back in his car circled around and pursued my son to the point my son hid in some bushes so I don’t get how it came be said it was “only streaking”!!!! I can’t even imagine what would of happend if my son didn’t react the way he did !!!!

  17. this is someone who continued to get braver in his actions ! he did this at least three times !! and it started with elderly woman than moved on to kids ! who knows what his next move would of been if he hadn’t been caught that day!!

  18. How could someone defend this pos??? I mean like really??? That jus makes u as suck as this comment on if she would let him watch her kids. “He didn’t touch him” wtf??

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