Meet Nicholas A. Henderson.

Date of Birth: 1/22/1980
Height: 5 ft. 11 in. Weight: 180 lbs. Sex: M Race: W
Address: 928 S 2ND ST
Apt. D
Victim was 14 years of age
Offender was 19 at the time of the offense
County of Conviction: Mercer

Nicholas had an attempt to locate aired for him in Sangamon County today. According to sources he allegedly tried to solicit a young girl over a dating website.

Keep a lookout and keep an eye on what your young daughters are doing and who they are talking to. You never know it could be a creep like this. He clearly doesn’t care he has violated the terms of the sex registry act previously in Sangamon County.


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  1. I’ve known nick for a long time and you don’t know the full story. Someone brought his name up to you but they don’t know him that well or they are just trying to start drama. He is not talking to any young girls and he isn’t in any type of violations. He works a full time job and spends time with friends and his kids. He’s a normal guy.

  2. If whoever posted this knew the real story, this wouldn’t be here. Nick made some poor choices as a young man (and most of us did), but he is not a sex offender. As Martha stated, he doesn’t talk to young girls and he isn’t in violation of anything. If these posts come from individuals, they need to stop the harassment.

  3. Yeah I’d check your sources before you end up with a lawsuit you cannot afford…

    • There was an attempt to locate aired for him in regards to the case mentioned. Report was filed.

    • And it said he “solicit a young girl over a dating website”?

    • That’s what the acquisitions were to cause the ATL

    • If law enforcement stated that is what it’s for then run with it. If some “random” source stated it, I’d remove that part of your post. I have known Nick for two years and although I would hate for it to be true, if it is it needs to be shared. With that being said and regarding Nicks current situation, your only source better be law enforcement or it will backfire. The law protects sex offenders rights moreso than some of your members would probably like but lawsuits are as common as the morning newsspaper when it comes to “exposing” them. Good luck the rest of way out and I will still be a member until I speak with Nick if I see him tomorrow…

    • Naturally an official report hasn’t hit records department since it’s a weekend so we can’t quote it. Local enforcement will not issue and official statement we we can’t quote them. Naturally that only leaves our credible source who speaks from their official position but not as a representative of that organization officially.

    • And thank you for pointing that out and I corrected it but I didn’t need the screenshot as I have it already…

    • And that pretty much sums it up…thank you and good luck with your page although I will stick around to see James response to my question before I unlike the page. Take care…

    • Brian Skeeter’s its true. I was 15 and later found out he was in his 20s and I’ve never spoke to anyone about it except for one person but he’s a predator

    • I know his history dear…but are you saying you know this accusation to be true as I respect you and know you wouldn’t slander him just for likes and comments? And that’s not to say this page does that, however, to use unofficial second hand, police scanner information to demoralize him and get a rise out of the audience doesn’t sit well with me. I’ll be the first person to say if he’s guilty just put a bullet in his head. But I would rather he be guilty before making that statement. No honestly I would rather he not have done this recent alledged act in the first place but you get my point.

    • This instance I couldn’t tell u true or not. But speaking from personal experience he’s done it more than once

    • Well shit dear if nobody says anything then it didn’t happen and that’s not taking shots at you that is simply how the law views it. And I understand telling someone wasn’t high on your list of things to do back then, but this discussion is based on this particular instance. I’m not on here vowing for his character if you read how I finish up each statement because I have known him for two years. I’m simply discussing the means by which the information is gathered and then diseminated. SIE understands my objections as they removed their own personal opinions from the original post and I find that a respectful and legitimate action. Again dear I’m not screaming he is innocent as I myself would never have my girls around him and I would be the first person to tie him up and insanely torture every inch of his body including the one he apparently thinks with from time to time. If he’s guilty sign me up for the fuckin firing squad!

  4. Well he did something WRONG and he liveS and my area and I have little girl and I’m not willing to take that chance …SHOT FIRST ASK QUESTIONS LATER

  5. So if you see him James you will shoot him?…I hope the delay in your response means you have had time to put things into perspective considering I looked at our mutual friends and 4 out of the 5 have backgrounds the length of Santa’s wish list. And when the dust settles, we are still friends with these people. Now this isn’t to say go out and make friends with a sex offender as obviously that is no ones cup o tea. However, like the lady posted above, he made a huge mistake and I truly believe he is not one of those sicko, whack job offenders that you may need to lock and load if you see them near your home. I have known him for two years and although I’m not asking you to believe he didn’t screw up again, I’m simply wondering if you believe everything you read which ultimately was one of this page’s sources that listens to a police scanner. Anyhoo, I’m going back to family football and food and I will wait to see how this plays out as I personally would prefer somebody actually be guilty of something before doing society the honor and putting them out of their misery…later people!

  6. Four days ago the City of Springfield made their yearly compliance visit to Mr. Henderson’s home.

  7. He has a son with the same name. When investigated, they will see it wasn’t Mr. Henderson, but his son talking to his friends.

  8. Your stupid for putting g his sons business on this page. He is a predator! I should’ve gone after his ass when I had the chance!!!

  9. More than once is not a mistake…ITS A CHOICE!

  10. People need to get thier shit straight and know the facts before you fuck with a mans life. He has done nothing that warranted this . He a good guy hard worker and law abiding person.

  11. U know the facts do you? Do tell then. Cuz u Dont know shit about my situation.

  12. Wow… So your saying he preyed on you? He tried to rape you?

  13. Yes Christen Creamer I do know the facts. I also know Nick and have for years. Im sorry your so bitter and have nothing better to do with your time then publicly bash a man who already lost a big part of his life. He has paid his debt as the law saw fit. Now let him live his life.

  14. I’ve known him since like 2004 and he’s always been a good guy. He’s been to our kids birthday parties. He’s been in our home. I don’t nor won’t have a bad thing to say about him. My husband and I support him. We have watched both of his boys grow up. I’m just saying he didn’t rape or molest anyone. He didn’t stalk no one he didn’t lure no younger girls into his bed.. Read between the lines people

  15. No, he’s not a predator. He just made a poor decision when he was younger and it now follows him the rest of his life. Be thankful your bad decisions (and we all make them) aren’t made public for the world to see.

  16. How dare any of you tell a victim that she is a liar about being raped?!?! I personally don’t even like this girl. But that’s besides the point. Just because you think you know one side of him doesn’t mean that isn’t another side he doesn’t keep tucked away. ESPECIALLY since he was accused by someone else. And the girl was 14?!?! There’s NO excuse for that. I understand people change but he is what he is. Whether it be past or present. He’s a convicted child molester. I would lean towards believing her over a man that’s on an offenders list. And FYI- I knew him 15 years ago when he lived on 5th street in the half way house

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