Hi my name is Zach Squires and I like to touch 11 year old kids….

Mr. Squires was convicted of 3 counts of Aggravated Criminal Sexual Abuse to a 11 year old victim when he was 21 years old!

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  1. Wrong z squires on the link… Watch out

  2. Hey you need to change the link. It’s the wrong Zach Squires.

  3. The link isn’t the right Zach. The one you have the link to isn’t the chomo. I know the Zach you linked and he’s no where near child molester. Man has a family and a good job.

  4. That is the right one I went to school with him. Check his record

    • No it’s not the one they linked is Zach B Squires not Zach R. Squires. They are fucking 5 years apart and the one linked isn’t no 6′ I know this for a fucking fact.

    • The Facebook link is to the wrong Zach. The one in the link is my boyfriend. 5yrs difference and a lot in the height and weight. We also don’t live in Springfield.

  5. 11 years old?!? Fucking nasty!

  6. That’s not the right Zach in the Facebook link. The one in the link is my boyfriend. They are 5 years apart and I wouldn’t be able to have my children in the home of it was the same Zach. My zach’s middle initial is B not R. Also he’s not no 6′ 4″ or 208lbs. The picture and all this is correct just not the fucking Facebook link.

  7. Not in the Facebook link it isn’t. The one in the link is my boyfriend. Not the fucking child molester. They are 5 years apart.

  8. Dude has a legit complaint that could actually be taken to court and nobody has even said anything.. Lol

  9. He also worked at Shaners for awhile too. Shane just looked past it.

  10. why does it say race ‘w’? i thought whites were caucasian?

  11. If the Facebook link isn’t removed we are contacting a lawyer. This is deformation of character

  12. Ummm by the way the girl wasn’t 11 and he doesn’t have 3 counts of aggravated sexual abuse charges. This was something he was accused of 10 years ago by the girl who was 13 and was already into drugs and alcohol cuz her mother didn’t care about her and what she did and has to register for the rest of his life. Please get the facts straight before u post stuff. By the way that is my brother and he was wronfully accused as they had no evidence of anything!!!!

  13. I hope someone bashes this sick fucks skull in

  14. Yes she was 11 according to the docket. And yes he plead guilty to three counts according to the docket.. Kristi Squires

  15. Whoever runs this site is a piece of s*^’. All this stuff posted on here is ridiculous! Like Kristi said there was absolutely no evidence and he was pushed into confessing by the pieces of s*^’ lawyers the state has for people who can’t afford a real one…..

  16. Doesn’t matter if it was 10 years ago or now.. Even if it was 10 years ago and even if she was 13 he was still over the age of 20 at the time and that’s nasty!! It also doesn’t make it “okay” just bc she was already into drugs etc.. A lot of kids start experimenting at that age with cigarettes etc but NOT having sexual relations with a 21 year old!!

    • The girl was drunk and on drugs and went running to her mommy saying a whole bunch of stuff and of course her mom decided to press charges and this is how all of this happened. He didn’t do a Damn thing to that girl it’s the fact the state takes word for what girls say and not what actually happened.

    • Ummmmmm.. The state just doesn’t “take words..” People are found guilty when evidence beyond a reasonable doubt proves the party guilty..

    • He was confessed to plead guilty by the state’s lawyers. He went to trial quite a few rimes. If he would of fought longer he would of been pleaded not guilty because they had NO evidence of and kind of sexual intercourse

    • And this wasn’t the first time she she did this either. She has gotten 3 other guys for supposedly sexual intercourse. She is a habitual lier and likes to try to get anybody in trouble.

  17. What a sick fuck.

  18. He didn’t do anything with her!!! He was wrongfully accused and was forced to plead guilty by the lawyer he had. There was no evidence to prove of it. The girl changed her story up 3 times before he got convicted and there wasn’t any kind of DNA proof of him doing anything with her. So until you know your facts and the story of what happened there is no reason to say anything.

  19. Oh look. Another innocent child predator registered on the Illinois state police registry.

  20. Jessica Churchill he had every right to go to trial.

    • But he’s innocent. She was 13. She drank alcohol. Blah blah blah.

    • Blah blah blah!!!! He was wrongfully accused of this and why they are just now putting it on this stupid ass site irks me!!!! He has been a registered sex offender for quite a few years now. And if u knew the girl he was accused of doing stuff with you would understand the whole situation. So unless you don’t know anything keep ur 2 sense out of it. He is my brother and I have the right to stand up against anything that has to do with the whole situation

    • It’s okay we will publish the police report soon

    • How are they gonna charge somebody with something if there was no evidence of anything happening? This happens to a lot of people and it causes them to have to register thier whole life!!!! The only thing he got out of the whole thing was probation and is now to register. That would be just like getting accused of murder but you never murdered anyone.

    • He’s a REGISTERED SEX OFFENDER. I don’t give two shits when it happened. There’s a reason they register for life.

    • I’ve never been accused of murder either. It doesn’t happen as often as you want everyone to believe. And it is absolutely disgusting that you would place blame on an 11 year old kid. Jesus Christ.

  21. I agree he had every right to go, but that didn’t happen as he was pushed into confessing. He didn’t have the greatest guy for a state’s attorney. People need to know the truth before slandering and passing judgment. I’m sure a lot of people have their own things that have happened that just have never been brought to light…just saying!

  22. Personally I judge everyone listed on a sex offender list.

  23. And not once have I been accused of or convicted of inappropriate behavior with an 11 year old child.

  24. Aaaaand for the bazillions have time….it isn’t slander. It’s a public sex offender registry. It’s made public to keep the public aware and safe.

  25. Was not saying the same situation….everyone is guilty of something and if you’re not, then you’re lying to yourself.

  26. I’ve know the Zach in the link my whole life you all screwed up souly cause of a middle name error come on do the research for once either remove the link or just correct it it’s not hard

  27. Let’s not compare petty offenses to child predators. It’s kind of like apples and squirrels.

  28. Seriously…. If you plead guilty to a rape charge you are fucking GUILTY! No ifs, ands, or buts! Kristi Squires you’re just a sick as he is for defending this disgusting human being. What business does a 21 year old have will an 11 year old?!? None whatsoever….. Case fucking closed

    • Probably because a 21 year old man had his genitals inside of her & she hadn’t even started her fucking period yet. You people are fuck sick in the head

    • I’m sorry I’m not a 28 year old male dating a 15 or 16 year old. They are sick fucks too

    • But he plead guilty….

    • If I didn’t do something there isn’t a sole on this earth that could tell me to plead GUILTY to something that was false. Your disgusting I hope you can’t reproduce

    • He sure did fuck up… The second he put his genitals anywhere near an 11 year old he became a phedophile

    • & a sex offender! I mean there wasn’t 18 year olds around to hook up with? Just 11 year olds he could manipulate their minds

    • So he couldn’t get any from his girlfriend so he decided to have sexual relations with the little girl on the couch. That’s even more disgusting!

    • Oh & BTW did you know he plead GUILTY! Because he’s a rapist clearly!!! Open your eyes. You are a sick bitch

    • Whatever the 11 year old was doing doesn’t matter he still touched a little girl & he was 21

    • That’s what most phedophiles say. You ever hear the guys on how to catch a predator? When Chris Hansen walks out the promise to never do it again but he catches them a few hours later doing the same shit

    • The court docs & reports have proof she was 11….. 11 years old. Seriously you look like an idiot protecting the scumbag.

    • I don’t give a fuck if he was guilty he would not have listen to his lawyer & most likely his lawyer told him to do it because the story is probably a lot worse then what is out there. At 21 years old you are old enough to know if you didn’t do something you are NOT pleading guilty!!

    • Exactly because he did worse things to the little girl & his attorney advised him to take the plead so the whole story wouldn’t come out

    • Why were they at a party with kids smoking crack & drinking? Crack is illegal & if you’re 21 go to a bar to drink

    • Well then you need to open your eyes & realize your brother had sexual relations with a child. 11 years old the girl most likely didn’t even hit puberty.
      Tired of proving your innocence? Nobody would do that. You just proved he 100% GUILTY on all 3 charges of his conviction!

    • You’re brother was also most likely smoking crack when he did this. He manipulated an 11 year old to party with him & sleep at his house. That’s fucking disgusting

    • Polygraph tests aren’t 100% accurate. Most likely took drugs before the test.

    • And you’re a MOTHER!!!!! You sick bitch! How dare you stick up for a fucking rapist? Imagine if someone touched one of your children

    • You have been sticking up for him this whole time but he was convicted of sexual relations with a child. I don’t care who said what he’s a fucking phedophile. Your family can’t say what they want but the documents don’t lie

    • Where you there? Did you see what he did? Do you realize lawyers lie to protect their clients? Do you have a brain? Do you realize how stupid you look?

    • You’ve changed your story around so many times. I’d love to be in court with you. You’d get eaten alive. I guess that’s about right since you are related to this sick person

    • Did you mean *whether*
      Exactly my point. It’s ok for your brother to do it but not anyone else. Double standard much? You are disgrace to the human race

    • You are trying to defend a case that you only know what the lawyers & your family told you but you were not there. You don’t know the evidence & all you know is your brother was tired of fighting the case so he plead guilty!
      Innocent people to plead guilty to rape charges until there’s more to the story that his lawyers didn’t want to come out.

    • You have children yet you are defending a phedophile!! You are a sick bitch…. CASE CLOSED

    • Kristi Squires even though you delete me or the comments they download to the website. See you there you sick bitch. Hopefully the authorities see this & make sure to check into your parenting!

    • They can come check my parenting. I’m a great mother and don’t have anything to hide. So thi,k what you want an i will believe what I believe

    • Ohh she’s back….

    • Why did you delete your comments? Don’t worry they sync to the website they’re all on file for the world to see you defend a phedophile that you don’t know anything about but it’s ok because it’s your brother.

    • For the record I know plenty of woman who claim to be great mothers but it’s 100% false accusations!

  29. I think his sister disappeared.

  30. I know the story…. He’s a registered sex offender for being 21 & having sexual relations with an 11 year old.

  31. Damn Kristi Squires blocked me because she doesn’t have anything to stand on & she defends phedophiles! Doesn’t know anything except what her family told her. She won’t allow her kids around him but he’s not a phedophile?!? Sounds fishy to me. What she doesn’t realize is her comments of defending a phedophile are all synced to the website!
    The plot thickens…

  32. DCFS needs to be in her house checking out her parenting if she thinks a 21 year old is allowed to have sexual relations with an 11 year old child because “it’s her brother” I don’t care who it is it’s disgusting on many levels. If it was her kids “she’d be in prison” but what about the 11 year old child?! She has no rights to a guy giving her crack & alcohol then having sexual relations with her!?????


  34. Now I just blocked ur dumb nosey ass trying to find something against me. Yes I do smoke cigs and yes my fiance smokes cigs. Least we aren’t doing drugs u dumb fuck

  35. I’m sorry I have nothing to hide So no reason for me to block you

  36. Gotta go to the site just to read the comments. Lmao..and I’m sorry but if he put himself in a situation to be around a 11 year old to “falsely accuse” him then he deserves to be on a list. The state wouldn’t make him plead guilty. There’s a choice.

  37. This guy 21 was at a party with his girlfriend & an 11 year old girl they were smoking crack & drinking. They offered the child to “sleep on their couch” he had sex & oral sex with the child on his couch. Then he says he’s tired of dealing with it in court so he plead guilty.
    That’s this girls story…. But it’s ok because it’s her brother!

  38. Lol..oh boy!! Yea thats a chester!

  39. & she’s a sick bitch for defending him

  40. Not like she’s mother of the year letting people smoke right in her kids faces

  41. I’m surprised this site hasn’t been sued for slander!! If it’s not the right name or what there saying in the beginning messages maybe you should change it.

  42. I have seen this guy at bars in Riverton I think turtles Easdon and he looks like a total pervert freaking weirdo always gawking at women and staring at him with that evil evil look yet there’s something wrong with this dude and for the bras it’s defending him we got can obviously something was going wrong for them to build a case with them what is a 21-year-old grown man doing hanging out with the 13-year-old she’s on drugs and this and that was he giving you the drugs was he doing the drugs with her you brought your fools for listening to this dude he’s got you guys which wrapped around his finger hears you guys are so uneducated you are so stupid sad pathetic fucks on my God made people are so fucking stupid he’s a 21-year-old grown man hanging out with the 13-year-old drinking and partying you need Husebys Astwood for that to be shot for what you getting to be castrated but and that’s all I got to say about that!! Dumbass bitches Brogen fucking stupid

  43. Awe did she remove all her comments because she looked dumb?

  44. Tad Hildebrand arent you friends with him?

  45. Bruh I wish he would touch me we gonna throw hands ID rock his world

  46. Bashing kristi, just because their is smoke around her kids isn’t shit. The real problem here is springfield. Just pointing this out here. Everyone seems to think younger girls are innocent truth is their far from it. I grew up in many different schools knowing many different people. Girls going to party’s and having sex, getting high an so on before the age of 16. I personally know the girl who did this to zack, she’s a compulsive liar & will do anything to get what she wants, but with zack she didn’t an she didn’t like that so she told her mother she was having intercourse with an older man. Shit you not this isn’t the only person she’s done this too. What I’m trying to say is yes this is exposed for others to see but it also causes more hurt for families too see. That personally know either parties that are involved. Should they have hung out no, but they did. Nobody is innocent in what they do.

  47. I know Zachary personally, in fact, I hung out with him at the bar. He is not a creeper or a weirdo. He does not leer at women and they don’t look at him like he’s a freak. As far as this situation, while I do not know the whole story I know Zachary never did or said anything out of the way to a woman in front of me. How about let a 10 year old sleeping dog sleep

  48. And he use to work for shaners just think how many kids sat In the front seat of that towtruck with him and he use to take it home at night so all his neighbors know what kind of circus shaners is running

  49. And they let him live in a house with kids…….what a sick world we live in. The correct zip code is 62707 by the way.

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