SCSO Previous Administration and New Administration Filled With Problems

As we wrap up this year lets take a look back at some of the issues over time with the Sangamon County Sheriff’s Office.

This year a New Sheriff (Wes Barr) replaced former Sheriff (Neil Williamson) which entailed caused a lot of Administration changes throughout the Sheriffs Office. Sheriff Bar demoted the Superintendent (Warden) and Assistant Superintendent (Assistant Warden) of the jail and Hired a New Superintendent (Warden) and the old one became the new Assistant Superintendent (Assistant Warden) while the old Assistant Superintendent (Assistant Warden) become an Administrator in the Jail (position that wasn’t used before).

Naturally the New Superintendent (Warden) came in and changed a lot of things, many major issues still continued. We have don’t several stories on the Jail over the past few months and we are proud to report that even though the Sheriffs Office doesn’t ever respond to us for comment, that things are actually being fixed!

We previously brought to you the story Sangamon County Inmates Rights Violated Again??, which talked about the Jail lying and not providing inmate showers. It has been reported to us that shortly after our story the Sheriffs Office started providing inmate showers.

Some questions have been raised recently about the inmates in the Sangamon County Jail and their rights. Like inmates being underfed (How Many Calories Do You Eat A Day? 1800?) to Inmates Sleeping on The Floor (Inmates Sleeping On The Floor At The Sangamon County Jail!?). A recent former inmate reported that the menu has not changed, but they are doing things to ensure a more safer containment free delivery of food. We will bring you here soon an update to how the inmates are truly not being fed the required amount of calories, if a change isn’t implemented shortly by the SCSO.

One that that hasn’t changed in the Jail is that fact the Sheriff’s Office is still Lying to State Inspectors! Take a look at Sangamon County Sheriffs Office Falsifying Documents & Lying To State Inspectors!?!?. Tsk tsk Sheriff Bar, I hope that on the next inspection your staff stops lying!

One department of the Sheriff’s Office that didn’t have any change in its Administration was the Records Department. What a shocker in our story Sangamon County Sheriffs Office Lying Again!?! Seems To Be A Common Thing…, you can see they are lying as well.

There has been some notable changes though this last year…
There hasn’t been any reports of Armed Correctional Officers Sleeping while escorting an inmate out in the General Public…

There hasn’t been any reports of Female Correctional Officers having Sexual Relations with Male Inmates…

There hasn’t been any reports of Correctional Officers severely beating inmates (choking them, kicking them in the head, etc.).

There hasn’t been any reports of Male Deputies raping any civilians while on duty.

There hasn’t been any reports of Deputies caught stealing on the job… But one was reinstated to her job Convicted Shoplifter & Clinically Diagnosed With Mental Problem & Be A Cop!? Only In The Sangamon County Sheriffs Department!!! ..

Sheriff you have made some changes, there has been some successes as well, but please fix things without someone having to air your departments dirty laundry… Also we are still awaiting your comment on Sangamon County Sheriff Wes Barr Social Media Campaign Manager Accused Again Of Sex Crime!. I hear that your opponent, who sadly lost the race had a crystal clean campaign staff!

Don’t worry though if you don’t keep fixing things it will all come out in time! Your staff writes into us constantly leaking stories to us to air more of your departments dirty laundry.

Its alright though we know your staff monitors this website constantly with their 1500 visits in the last 60 days from your computers to our website. We appreciate the traffic 😉 .

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