Scott Greer is a piece of shit Child beater

This is Scott Greer of Jacksonville and Ashland, Illinois. For years he would abuse 2 of his 4 children. His wife, Charlotte Greer, just sat by and allowed her husband to do it. Roughly from the ages of 6 til 13 for both helpless children. He is a bad person. She is a bad person. Somehow they both have all of their family in their lives. Their children act like they are these amazing parents when in reality their parents are pieces of shits. Scott is a worthless child beater and Charlotte is a worthless mother who let her children get abused for years. It’s time they are exposed! Don’t be fooled by these 2. They will rot in hell one day! I hope none of their grandchildren are allowed to be with them alone! It is now time for them to get what they deserve!!! Let’s make them famous! Please share om Facebook and Twitter. Take screen shots. Blast them all over the internet!!

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