Schroeders DJ Service / Bradley “Brad” P. Schroeder WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?!?!?!

#FOLLOWUP to Who Is Bradley Paul Schroeder – Schroeder’s DJ Service – Brad Schroeder???

Some interesting comments were made and it brought us to look further into Mr. Schroeder.


Several people even referenced the below article that appears with a simple Google Search…
Click Here! To read the Article.

In our first story we used this mugshot of Brad… He didn’t like that at all…
We feel like its necessary to touch base on his Criminal History just because he mad it an issue in the first story.
He didn’t respond after that…

Take a look at his booking history for yourself…
Click Here To View in PDF Format!

Nevertheless this isn’t about Mr. Schroeder’s Criminal History.

In the comments some of our readers kept mentioning Mr. Schroeder’s Non Disclosure Agreement. Springfield Exposed got it’s hands on a copy of it!

Lets take a look at some of Mr. Schroeder’s reviews…
DJReview DJReview1 DJReview2 DJReview3 DJReview4 DJReview5 DJReview6 DJReview7 DJReview8 DJReview9 DJReview10 DJReview11 DJReview12 DJReview13 DJReview14 DJReview15 DJReview16 DJReview17 DJReview18 DJReview19 DJReview20
Taking a look at those reviews, they all say similar things. The interesting part is they are spread over YEARS, its not like they are just one or two bad reviews its upwards of 40 that we found with a simple search spread out over a long time period.

Larry Franklin pictured above use to be a DJ for Brad according to sources. Make sure to read our story Sangamon County Sheriff Wes Barr Social Media Campaign Manager Accused Again Of Sex Crime! on Mr. Franklin!

Lets look at this for a second, we have allegations of stinky, belly hanging out, dirty DJ’s appearing for Mr. Schroeder’s company. Then we have one of his DJ’s arrested for Sexual Assault to a Child? Brad do you do any kind of background check or character references before you hire DJ’s??

One of our staff members from Springfield IL Exposed (before we became Exposed Publishing, NFP) attempted to reach out to Brad for comment.
It wasn’t until the second email that Brad responded. Our staff spoke with Brad for a little while, and he stated that all the bad reviews were just fellow DJ’s trying to ruin his brand…

Sorry Brad we don’t believe that for a minute, not when customers are sharing their personal stories with us and YOUR non disclosure agreement.

One reader wrote in and told us “He books as many jobs as he can for any given date, promising that he will be the DJ.  He use to be able to get away with this back when he had decent DJ’s working for him.  But now he’ll send ‘anybody’ he can find to do the job.  Usually highly unqualified and untrained people who have no business at any event, much less somebody’s wedding reception.  But he’s pissed off all the DJ’s in town so now he’s scrapping the bottom of the barrel.”

The reader went on to say “Worse yet, if he can’t find someone he cancels on the client close to their event date leaving them scrambling to find someone at the last minute.  He cancelled 2 days before a friend of mine’s wedding back in April of 2014.  I warned her when she booked him. He promised he would be the DJ when he already had a wedding booked in Jacksonville.

And if that isn’t bad enough… he then makes clients that he cancelled on, sign a disclosure form stating that they won’t bad mouth him just so they can get their deposit back, that he owes them anyway as he is the one who canceled.”

As several readers have said “he knows what he is doing is wrong, but he chooses to do it anyway and try to cover it up.” WHAT A SHAME!!!!

Another reader wrote in and said “The Better Business Bureau dropped him and his rating and they said it best.  “Owner has failed to address the reoccurring problem.”  Well when the owner is the problem…”
Take a Look Here At One Of Those BBB Complaints!

One reader wrote in and told us that Brad is “hiding his money in a friends account so they cannot get there hands on it.”
The second pictures comes from (2003-D-000380) in the 7th Judicial Court of Illinois.

Sounds like there might be a reason to hide cash or assets, but then again that is just our opinion based upon the documents and statement provided by our reader.

Another reader wrote in “Since he gets paid cash looks like he hides money from the government and for his child.” then went on to ask “how come he has never been audited?”.

Any of our readers work for the IRS?? Might want to take a look into some numbers here guys…

Let’s sum this up… We have a DJ Company ran by a man who can’t even get his own criminal history right. Who according to reviews sends dirty, nasty, smelly, DJ’s who have no idea what they are doing. Also sends a DJ who later got arrested for Child Sexual Assault! The Owner makes all these “promises” according to the reviews of showing up and he never appears. When situations do arise were the company has to cancel The Owner allegedly forces a Non Disclosure Agreement on the customer so bad reviews don’t come out.

Pretty scary guys!!

Here is our advice guys, its 2015 almost 2016. The internet runs everything, do a simple Google Search on any company you are about to do business with. When hiring a DJ take a look at our story What YOU Need To Know About Hiring A DJ??? on what you should do!

Stay safe Springfield! BEWARE!!!

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18 Comments on "Schroeders DJ Service / Bradley “Brad” P. Schroeder WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?!?!?!"

  1. He is a d-bag, to put it nicely.

  2. He was a no show at ours it was ruined dj replaced had no idea what he was doing

  3. If you google Brad Schroeder, this article is now on page 1 of google!

  4. Brianna Williamson don’t know who you booked for your wedding but just saw this and figured you’d like a heads up!

  5. I can’t believe that he is STILL in business. I was married in October of 2000 and hired him as our DJ. After asking to meet at a local Dennys, he showed up over an hour late..(I should have left then!) and as every other post states, he promised to be our DJ and was all about the money.
    Low and behold, the day of our wedding, he was a no-show and sent some other guy. This guy had no play list, no names and no plan. But hey, no worries…. we were told by this stranger that Brad was in the ballroom next to ours, DJ-ing his friends reception! WTH!? The worst part? Apparently he sent over his wife to ask someone in my wedding party if “everything was going well with the DJ?” Who ever it was that she asked said I guess so..
    Later, when I complained, it became apparent that he did that as some sort of lame attempt at covering his ass – because his reply was to tell me he had checked in with my reception and was told that it was all going great. What an unprofessional looser. This was SIXTEEN YEARS AGO! I didn’t keep up with him or his business but I was sure to advise anyone getting married to look elsewhere! Can’t believe he is still pulling this crap.

  6. The NDA is no more valid as a piece of paper to pick up dog dodo. Schroder cannot legally force someone to sign a NDA.

    He has always been a horse’s **s, when he would work at Boone’s in the late 90’s. He lives in his own world.

    Always laughed when everyone would avoid any bar that Schroder turned on his Muzak.

    As for the hiding of money from his ex. The state of Illinois Child Enforcement unit has a group that works with the AG’s office, to go after any hidden assets, along with forcing him to sell all equipment to pay his past due.

    An 8 year old can DJ better then Schroder. All of the DJ’s, including the radio jocks, avoid him like the plague.

  7. Similar story at my wedding. Send a couple dirty looking kids out who didn’t know how to use the equipment and didn’t have the music we asked for. After 2 hours of no music we kicked them out and hooked an ipod up to a pa system. Then he refused to give us our money back. Fuck this guy.

  8. I worked for Brad for many years, while yes there were mishaps, I was proud to work for him, and would do it again if he needed it. While you have posted numerous bad reviews about him, you yet forget to mention that he has been voted springfield top wedding dj quite a few times including 2015 and 2016. Some people may think this is a mute point, but it does stand to show that even with bad reviews, he’s doing something right. Yet you still fail to post even one positive review about his company, which there have been several, I can personally give you a few accounts, and names, but I will keep those private to respect the privacy of the individuals who were serviced by this company. As for your NDA, if you look closely, it’s forged, the signature has been place in using a photo editor such as photoshop, and not very well either. I can’t personally speak as to how his business has gone since I left the company to peruse my own interests, but I would recommend him to anyone, or hire him myself.

  9. This story just breaks my heart. The Brad i know would not willingly do these things. The man almost lost his life over a year ago with a severe stroke. More than likely, he was trying to keep his business running while recovering. I know he has paid thousands to his ex wife with no visitation what so ever with the child. What a shame! What a terrible article trashing such a good guy.

    • I can personally attest that Brad has done all of things mentioned in this article. Before you state how much money Brad has paid to his ex wife, you should also realize how much he has NOT paid (check his court records for child support – he’s THOUSANDS of dollars behind and has been close to going to jail several times for not paying). In fact, Brad has a habit of not paying a lot of people he has owed money to…mostly the guys who work for him. And as for no visitation, that has been HIS choice. He has always had visitation rights and CHOOSES not to see his daughter. In fact, he has asked several times to relinquish is parental responsibilities, because he doesn’t want to be a parent because it’s too hard on his lifestyle (his words, not mine). I can only assume you don’t know the real Brad because you’ve never lived with him, dated him, married him, or worked for him, so chances are you never had the full opportunity to see the real him. Trust me when I say there’s nothing false about any of the statements that have been made here. And this only covers about half of what he’s done to people.

  10. Brad did have at least one qualified professional DJ working for him at one time. However, the DJ would have to chase his money. Brad would make exuses, lie, not answer texts. He was paid up front for these bookings yet couldn’t pay the DJ he sent out.

  11. Mellissa Denny | February 18, 2016 at 3:46 pm | Reply

    From his FB account today. Well of course nothing is his fault that you guys have pointed out. You guys and the other DJ must also be responsible for his domestic violence arrests, non payment of child support, losing BBB credidation, etc.

    Defamation of Character…I am going to cover this ONE last time..There is a tabloid publication running information about my service that is not true…I have spoken to my lawyer and we will be suing this publication and local DJ Dave Issacs ,real name Dave Neisler on the grounds of defamation of character…There is a picture of a FORMER DJ who may or may not have a criminal past that is attached with my name.The DJ is my friend but has not worked for me in 2 years, unlike the allegations made in this FB rag.Several have sent me the article, I have it and my attorney has it and the legal process has begun..Again I would mention I have a 30 year history and have done many events for high ranking officiasl.As always do not believe everything you read on FB much like the National Enquirer….I am on it and judgements will be filed..Thank , Brads

  12. Brad, please learn how to spell and punctuate. Thanks!

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