Sasha Dunn COME ON DOWN!!! You are the next to be Exposed “The Dirty”

Good Afternoon!

The story you all have been patiently waiting for…

Sasha Dunn exposed on The Dirty Nasty No Good!

This story has been an interesting one, with the vast variety of people who have came forward to tell us stories of this woman.

So who the hell is Sasha Dunn??

Meet Sasha Dunn and her “boyfriend” Corey Cearley…

So according to sources Sasha and Corey have been together for a few years.

Its rumored that Sasha allegedly stabbed a girl named Hannah with a pair of scissors because her boyfriend allegedly caught herpes from her and allegedly gave it to Sasha.


What the hell!?!??!?!

One reader wrote in and said “shes a nutbag! Punched my dash so hard during drunken bipolar eposode the airbag deployed on her. Her nickname was Butters too”

One reader also referred to her as Miss Piggy…
What do you think!?

When sharing this photo with one of the other Admins here her comment was “Lmao! Miss Piggy is way prettier!!!”

Another reader wrote in and said some rather interesting things…
“Sasha hands out HPV like candy. She didn’t even tell her baby daddy she had it until she was pregnant with his daughter and it was causing complications. She had to have a leep surgery and that was not her first.”

Talking about another alleged knife incident one reader writes “seen that crazy coot pull a knife on a girl in freedom drive walmart while waiting in line!,last we spoke she got mad and said she sucked her ex’s dick before we hung out and kissed me (double eww..)”

So we read the police report around this alleged stabbing incident. Its not really 100% clear what went down, no criminal charges were ever filled though because of conflicting stories.

It seems Sasha is very good with the Order of Protection Court System. One reader wrote in telling us how she knew a guy that loved guns and she allegedly told the girl and she was going to ruin his live by getting an OP on him so he couldn’t posses guns any more…

Sasha has only filled 3 Orders of Protections in Sangamon County and a few in other surround counties, most of which she got the emergency order, but never went back for the plenary hearing or the plenary order was denied.

Another reader wrote in telling us more on how she is a “crazy bitch”. Stating “She tortured her daughter’s stuffed rabbit cutting it up because her father bought it.”

We were shown a video of Sasha which she was allegedly high on the illegal drug ACID in which she was jumping around onto walls claiming to be Spiderman…

An ex boyfriend who claims he was with her for several years who wishes to remain anonymous stated to us that “she is a crazy freak man” “She use to get drunk as shit and beg me to fuck her in the ass” “One time we had sex and drunk and she had a tampon in and she had to go to Memorial to get it removed” “Bitch is crazy and nasty!”. WOAH!!! WTMI!!!

Sasha was also submitted under our Dead Beat Moms section, not for being a deadbeat mom really but for using the court system to intimate and not let her daughters father see their kid. When we asked the reader why she thinks Sasha does this their response was “Because he doesn’t want to be with her anymore”.

Several people wrote in saying Sasha belongs to a “cult” lol. That she is a church going person on Sundays, but a whore the rest of the week. That she may have a live in boyfriend “but that isn’t the only dick she’s getting”.

A lot of people came forward to us to share all similar stories about this girl… Our conclusion is that obviously she has some issues….

In 2009 Sasha was charged with Misdemeanor Damage to a Motor Vehicle.
In 2010 Sasha was charged with Misdemeanor Direct Contempt Court.
In 2005 Sasha was charged with Misdemeanor Retail Theft. Obviously she was under the age at that time since in the court order it states “Defendant to do all household chores ordered by mother during supervision period and all dishwashing and bathroom cleaning during next two weeks.”

Everyone has an interesting story, some more interesting than others. Sasha’s here is crazy… We don’t know what to say for you to think or believe about her. Everyone can take their own opinion on her.

Enjoy the rest of Sasha Mug Shots Below!





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37 Comments on "Sasha Dunn COME ON DOWN!!! You are the next to be Exposed “The Dirty”"

  1. Dirty whore, someone tag that bitch

  2. Louis DeWerdt here it is!!!

  3. Duck Lips Dunn. She wasnt high on acid when she tried to climb the wall like spiderman, it was a vicoden, the stuffed rabbit wasnt bought by her kids dad it was a gift from one of his family member that had passed away.

    • Sasha tends to be a very jealous girl. I’ve noticed she likes to attack girls bc of her insecurities. growing up she was always made fun of. no one liked her in grade school or in high school so she had to transfer schools often. my guess is that years and years of being alone made her act out for attention???

  4. I heard she is a crazy god freak, which does not reflect any of her actions..the hpv thing is common and could just be hearsay but when it affects your child that’s when something needs to happen to fix the situation. If you know you have a disease (or whatever it is) that can harm the development of your child then that’s bullshit. She probably just wants attention and help from tax payers for her bills…chick needs to calm down and be normal.

  5. Let me clarify a few things for the savage readers here. You attack people’s character based on what other people say about the person. clearly you didn’t bother looking up these other people’s characters before you took everything they said as fact. That bf for many years begged her for anal bx his friends were doing it… he was also abusive towards her and his ex wife. I’m sure his second wife is loving every second of this “article” bx she shared the bf with sasha for a while. Yeah this chick is crazy, but you could’ve just looked up her record for that info. Involving scorned exes and their new gfs is not investigative fact checking.

    • Debbie do you also support Casey Anthony?? i know you don’t believe there are true sickos out there Debbie but c’mon. she threw her kid in her trunk to party then eventually just killed her. Sasha has Avalee in the same type of situations if not worse. I pray that avalee survives but thats up to Sasha and Sasha is a walking time bomb.

  6. Who’s the ex? Who’s the ex’s wife? Since u seem to know oh somuch

  7. She’s a terrible person and a liar. Didn’t know her for long but she def had enough time to backstab me a few times! laughing so hard at the karma right now!

  8. I lives right next to the bitch in Athens n I believe every bit of it. She sure has a mouth on her n likes to threaten ppl, but then when it comes down to handling it she runs scared or tries destroying your property in the middle of the night. She threw gallons of paint all over one of my friends cars n threatened me because I wouldn’t get in the middle of her n her baby dads arguments. I got sick of her shit n ran up on her. She jumped in her car n called the police. Her dad and uncle jumped out the truck trying to fight me for her. One last thing I swear she used to smoke crack because her teeth are so rotten and disgusting its hard to look at her. Goofy bitch!!!

  9. Oh n her apartment was so nasty you can barely walk through it. It smelled so bad I had to let it air out for two days when I finally ran her out of there. That was one of the sickest places I’ve ever cleaned!!!!

      • all i can say is Sasha’s future ain’t too bright which is her own fault. but that poor little girl, Avalee, she should be with her father Collin Cliburn. i hope its not already to late for Avalee. she could live with her father, Collin, and his beautiful wife. Then maybe Avalee could live a happy life the life she deserves.

  10. All I have to say is she has problems like everyone else. I blame her mother and grandmother.

    • Mary Ferguson Russell have you ever heard of someone by the name Casey Anthony? ya remember her. she put her kid in her trunk so she could go party. Sasha Dunn is just like that. Her daughter lives in filth and cigarette and pot smoke. that’s all Avalee Brooklyn knows. she knows no different. if Sasha wants to ruin her own life fine but the fact that she neglects and puts Avalee in unsafe situations is disgusting.

  11. This chick is fucked up I went over to get house to have a girls night and went outside to my car to smoke and she told everybody at work that I was in my car smoking crack!!! This is what that dumb bitch gets karma!!!

  12. Lmao! I love all of the home town celebs

  13. I went yo school with her lol

    • Desiree Joelle lol! wow and yea i agree with you i’m scared for her daughter, she can’t even cry out for help. Collin would be such a better parent. it’s so sad.

  14. Sasha is crazy she use to steal people’s purses when she was a little freshman in high school at luhi. And I use to date Corey Cearley but after years of abuse and physical abuse and him sending all his friends after me. I finally got fed up and left. The icing on the cake is when he decided to rape me and use physical force. i know there is a God out there and i know someday people like them will get exactly what they have coming to them. Shame

  15. Carl Redrick | July 12, 2017 at 7:34 pm | Reply

    That’s too bad. She’s hot!

  16. Wow. She’s hot. HMU

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