Sangamon County Sheriff’s Supervisors Using Racial Slurs & Its Okay!?!?! We Need To Protest Get Those Signs Ready!!!

Can someone please get this Sheriff Department in line???

Meet Sergeant Brian Carey

Meet Sergeant Todd Guy

(Both Photos Courtesy of Facebook Public Profiles due to no publicly available official photos.)

Lets Start with Sergeant Carey here, Sergeant Carey was found sharing a racial email within the Sangamon County Sheriff’s Office stating “Aspirin was going to be heavily taxed under Obama care because they are white and they work”.
Click Here To Read The IA File On This Incident!!

As a Supervisor in the Sheriff’s Department this man should have know better than to even get close a sensitive situation like racism. He was suspended for 3 days because of this incident.

Now lets talk about Sergeant Guy, Sergeant Guy was found using the racial slur “Nigger” in the Jail referring to an African-American Inmate. Since he only used the slur in private with other supervisors and no inmates or subordinate officers heard it, it was okay he just got warned about it! One of those other supervisors present was no other than Sergeant Carey who coincidentally didn’t hear him say it, though later Sergeant Guy admitted to saying it.
Click Here To Read the IA File On This Incident!!

As a Supervisor in the Sheriff’s Department he should have know better than to ever say something like that whether anyone was around or not! Can you imagine what would have happened if the inmate had heard it!? Is Sangamon County prepared for a race riot in the jail? Shit they couldn’t even control that probably, lets pray we never have one on the streets.

My thing is so one Supervisor sends a racial email and gets suspended for 3 days, but another supervisor drops the N bomb and gets a written warning!?!? How is that even equal here?

I would hate to be an African-American in this county jail with two Supervisors found being connected to racial incidents.

Keep it Classy Sangamon County Sheriff’s Department!

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19 Comments on "Sangamon County Sheriff’s Supervisors Using Racial Slurs & Its Okay!?!?! We Need To Protest Get Those Signs Ready!!!"

  1. More than 2 years ago! The administration has changed since then!!!

  2. What do you expect from such a conservative county

  3. Sounds like it was handled to me.

  4. you wanna burn the guys thats ok….they deserve it….but why post their spouse pics? Youre more responsible than that usually

  5. I know I wouldn’t want my privacy invaded like u did to the couples

  6. Really, it’s a race thing? Get over yourself.

  7. Sounds like you need to keep it classy!!!! It’s disgusting that you are using pictures of spouses. Take the pictures down and show some real class. You could be hurting someone’s family.

  8. Hmm interesting, #KeepItClassy

  9. I’ve been locked up several times and they treat everyone horrible and taunt you so they have a excuse to use force. Me personally I’ve never had a problem but I just laugh it off which they hate even more

  10. Welp, let me think about it a sec… ya know what? I don’t ever recall words breaking any bones, furthermore I can’t recall being referred to negatively for being white either. Yep!!! get your signs ready and start a race war over what I can see only two reported incidences. And why did you stop with just the photo’s of the spouses? Couldn’t find out where their kids went to school, their addresses, mothers’ maiden names?.. The issue is reporting relatively non issues so far after the facts just to stir up sh**! Shame on you. (this comment won’t see the light of day either to further prove my point)

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