Sangamon County Sheriff’s Office Predicting The Future?


Meet David Kimberly…

According to thus mugshot the Sangamon County Sheriff’s Office already has a 2019 mugshot for this man.

Not a surprise though it might happen with this man’s already extensive criminal history.  More on Mr. Kimberly later!

PS If you ever end up getting locked up in the SCSO Jail and Mr. Kimberly is working as a Trustee, make good friends with him!

No wonder why it takes the Sangamon County Sheriff’s Office so long to get us mugshots!  They are traveling into the future then back to give us mugshots 4 Years into the future!

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2 Comments on "Sangamon County Sheriff’s Office Predicting The Future?"

  1. See what happens when the Cubs don’t win the World Series. F’s up the whole space-time continuum!

  2. David Kimberly is a cs so watch out for him. He lied on me and set me up and his charges were dropped but he keeps shooting up herion and stealing and as soon as he gets caught he will rat you out. He’s a trustee cause he can’t go on any other block. Beware of him. He’s a working informant

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