Sangamon County Sheriffs Office Lying Again!?! Seems To Be A Common Thing…

Remember we brought you last week Sangamon County Sheriffs Office Falsifying Documents & Lying To State Inspectors!?!? ?

Boy it must be a common thing for the Sheriffs Office to just lie to everyone. We got Administrators lying to Inspectors, A Deputy lying under oath at Court, Deputies found lying in their official reports, then an Administrator lying to the Press and to the Attorney General!

Remember the State Journal Register Article done on Springfield Exposed in October?
“for the past two months, contributing to a spike in overtime costs of more than $15,000 this year Currently, about 75 percent to 80 percent of all open-records requests the sheriff’s records division processes come from Springfield IL Exposed, Walton said. On some days, the site submits more than 40 requests for documents, such as police reports, mug shots and internal affairs files, Walton said”

Lets take a look at the overtime log for those “last two months” CLICK HERE TO READ THE OVERTIME LOG FOR AUGUST AND SEPTEMBER 2015! .

Doesn’t look to be no $15,000 to me…

In a recent letter to the Illinois Attorney Generals Office Sangamon County Sheriff’s Office Director Michael Walton stated on average they are spending 15 hours a week in overtime to address FOIA requests.
Again you can see that is a lie…

It seems this man…
Michael Walton will say or do anything to make us look bad, even if that does mean lie.

Sangamon County Tax Payers aren’t you glad you pay this man $69,349.61 a year to lie to you? P.S Did you catch his little snide comment at the end of answering that request? Cute isn’t it?…

I’d ask Sangamon County Sheriff Wes Barr to fix the issues, but as we found out yesterday its hard for him to even follow the rules he expects his employees to follow in the story (Sangamon County Sheriff Wes Barr Social Media Campaign Manager Accused Again Of Sex Crime! ). Also he never returns our request for comment or an interview either.

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4 Comments on "Sangamon County Sheriffs Office Lying Again!?! Seems To Be A Common Thing…"

  1. Yeah, but the FOIA was set up for people to get police reports to help them with their own court issues. You are doing it to post on facebook. Dont get me wrong, I applaud you for highlighting some of Springfield’s finest scum, but you are creating extra work load for them for something non essential.

  2. A 12 TEAR OLD? How sick is that!!! I sure hope that story is not true.

  3. Just make the records all public when filed and then no requests are necessary. Problem solved.

  4. If these request fit FOIA rules then what difference is there if one person requests the info or 100? It still has to be done.

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