Sangamon County Sheriff’s Office Is Killing Us!

You may have noticed our news output has slowed down recently.  That is because the Sangamon County Sheriff’s Office is delaying our request for records now for up to 21 business days.

Currently we are awaiting response on 69 requests in total dating back to 09/27/2015. Of those 69 requests a majority are mug shots,  but also a few Internal Affair Files, Policies, Police Reports etc.

As we await the battle to declare our organization “news media”, there is nothing we can do to stop this personal attack by this one office.  No other public office has even hinted at ever delaying our record requests.

Shame on you Director Michael Walton for trying to hinder the press!

Guess this is what happens when you let the public know things the Sheriff’s Office would rather be a secret…


Please be patient with us as the records come in and we bring you the juicy stories. Don’t forget in the meantime to email us your stories at .



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5 Comments on "Sangamon County Sheriff’s Office Is Killing Us!"

  1. Don’t believe you! I’ve known Mike Walton for over almost 50 years. He’s as honest as the day is long. He would prove himself wrong before he would lie to you! But I do remember when the SJ-R “raped” him a few years back, when he was Chief of Police!

  2. Keith Mefford we never said he wasn’t honest… We only pointed out he is the Director who is delaying information which is delaying news.

  3. The decree on the sangamon county cos wall says that thoer goal is to uphold the constitution………then why do thwy want me to turn in my bf cUse there a re LEGALGALY REGISTERED GUNS IN THE HOUSE and they wantwd me to let them into his house to take the guns thwy have papperwork on and own legallt. so idc how long YOU Hve known n e one that works there they are all crooked AS FUCK AND ALL NEED FIRED. you are also suposed to get a free 2 min calling card. My cell mate was in a 4 hour stand off with a pencilvcause no one would gove him what we were suposed to get in the firsr place.

  4. I have also been told that i dont get food until i eat everybit of what i wasnserved first. So if its something you are allergic to then u eother eat it or go without food……. Sweet huh

  5. What a piece of shit worker..why doesn’t he get fired and we can put someone in the spot that can actually get the job done..smh

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