Sangamon County Sheriffs Office Falsifying Documents & Lying To State Inspectors!?!?

We previously brought you How Many Calories Do You Eat A Day? 1800? which talked about the Jail Menu at the Sangamon County Jail.

Some rather interesting things have developed during our investigation into the situation.

According to the Sangamon County Sheriffs Office this is the current menu (and has been for some time) served to the Inmates of the Sangamon County Jail (confirmed by 30+ inmates as well that we’ve spoke to).

On January 22nd, 2015 Illinois Department Of Correction Criminal Justice Specialist Brad Besson did an annual inspection at the Sangamon County Jail.

On the inspection this is what the Sheriffs Office stated was being served.

I don’t see any of the circled items on the menu..

After speaking with several inmates none of the circled items were  given to them. Looking back into previous inspections, that same thing was done under the old jail administration as well.

Previous comment by the Sangamon County Sheriffs Office was that inmates are given the required calorie count per the Illinois standards.

That is still up for debate on the calorie count since the Sheriffs Office has on numerous occasions given inflated calorie count menus in the past.

What is more alarming is if they are following the standards why are the lying to the Inspectors stating more food is given than what is actually is?

Can it be because of the requirement in the Illinois County Jail Standards 701.110 A2 States “Food quantity must be sufficient to satisfy, within reason, the detainee’s needs.” That is also the reason the question is asked during the inspection of “Does The Food Quantity Appear Sufficient?”.

We have reached out to the Illinois Department of Corrections Spokeswoman and she will be issuing a comment on this and several other issues at the Sangamon County Jail later this week.

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