Sangamon County Sheriff’s Office Confidential Informant Out On Bond & Escorting On Backpage! – Taylor Jayne Lawson

Meet Taylor Jayne Lawson


Ms. Lawson here has an interesting background. It has been confirmed from several people that she has previously worked with the Sangamon County Sheriffs Office in a confidential informant position in recent years. That surely hasn’t stopped her from going to jail a few times, nor does it stop her from recently advertising “Escort Services” on the infamous BackPage Website, TAKE A LOOK!
taylor taylor1
Boy oh boy some girls never learn. Oh and DAMN FILTERS ARE GREAT FOR PHOTOS LMFAO!

Her background is really just theft, drugs, and some more theft, but hey if you’ve ever wanted to “sleep” with a cop you got your chance right here. This escort clearly has worked with the police and would love to make some money! I mean she does “have a frisky playful side you’ll love!”.

If you want to see her at the court house stop by on May 31, 2016 at 10:00 AM in Courtroom 7D!

Take a look at this girls mugshots….
TaylorLawson TaylorLawson1 TaylorLawson2 TaylorLawson3 TaylorLawson4 TaylorLawson5 TaylorLawson6 TaylorLawson7 TaylorLawson8 TaylorLawson9 TaylorLawson10 TaylorLawson11

Ouch… Drugs are bad I hear….

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83 Comments on "Sangamon County Sheriff’s Office Confidential Informant Out On Bond & Escorting On Backpage! – Taylor Jayne Lawson"

  1. so does she pay you to fuck her? she looks like buckshot to the face

  2. I went to school with this clown shes a nasty bitch really gross

  3. Thank you exposed. Always giving me people to roast. Now I can leave other people alone and move on to her haha this is gonna be fun

  4. The holes didn’t have anywhere else to go so they made their way to her neck & shoulders. Did you just post pictures of a rat…… Literally??
    I can’t

  5. Omg. Her hair on all them mugshots tho. Nappy af lmao.

  6. Did her arms go ghost in this mug shot?

  7. Springfield Exposed knows how to pick em! Top of the line right here. Step right for the prime rib dinner folks!

  8. Who would want to fuck her. Id be afraid a pimple would pop

  9. Nick Springfield almost every mugshot is like that let me find you and old story one sec

  10. Sangamon County Sheriff’s Office should invest in some filters for mugshots. It might help Crime Stoppers find people faster.

  11. And boom goes the dynamite #217Memes

  12. All yall mother fucker need to step the fuck off.. number one she isn’t a fucking CI.. she was arrested for fucking theft.. look her fuckin name up. Yall are some shit starting pieces of shit.. all you ever “expose” is a bunch of bullshit lies. Yeah people make fucking mistakes in life.. they don’t need yall cunts making their life hell. This kind of shit can get people fucking killed. I’m screen shotting every fucking name and comment and if one fucking hair on taylors head gets fucked with your gonna have fuckin issues.. stupid fucking cunts!

  13. Ive never seen anyone use ‘shit’ twice in the same sentence. Bravo.

  14. I wouldn’t hit that with a car lol

  15. People seriously need to get a life. How about use your own intelligence and look up public records instead of believing anything they post on this site. Then we got talking about acne REALLY because thank God you didn’t have it as bad as some other people let me just say Karma is a bitch and when u wake up tomorrow and ur face isn’t as fucking pretty as it was today remember the shit u talked about other people!!!!

  16. I love how Heather Lawson Cummings and Talya N Lawson don’t argue that she’s a hooker. Yuck lol

  17. DrunkenDave Detzburg | May 14, 2016 at 11:02 am | Reply

    Now Now, I’m sure she dresses quite nicely right before going to fuck somebody for money.

  18. Or that meth is the drug of choice here

  19. i just wanna know what kind of sick freak would pay to sleep with it

  20. She wad at my house before a long time ago came with a truck full of dudes i bet she sucked everyone of them sad thing is she lefted with more men ive seen her on back page men are stupid for wanting something like that one of her fb pages shes put her self out there fucking sick females need to get a real life

  21. Her mother let her do drugs since middle school way to go mother of the yr yayyy feel proud

  22. them are not craters on her face the good lord was kind enough to provide her with built in cum catchers!!!! i just threw up in my mouth a lil bit

  23. Cum catchers!!!!! I’m dead

  24. I’ve had sex with her and it was fucking great.. and she is a nice girl….

  25. I want more was great. ..

  26. Alice Kulisiewicz | August 6, 2016 at 3:13 am | Reply

    This poor girl obviously is in need of help, way to go people to make fun of someone who is at a very low point in their life. I’m glad I don’t live in a shitty small town where every one knows every body else’s business.

  27. I was locked up with taylor she was in thier for 8 months and sorry but she admited to being on molly bad and selling herself and that was from her mouth..all you can do is #PRAY she gets it together for her and her SON

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