Sangamon County Sheriff Wes Barr Social Media Campaign Manager Accused Again Of Sex Crime!

Meet Larry O. Franklin II .

Larry here was arrested in March of 2015 and later charged with Aggravated Criminal Sexual Abuse To A Minor Ages  13-16.
Click Here To Read The Springfield Police Report On This Arrest!

According to Sangamon County Records this isn’t the first time Mr. Franklin has been accused of a sex crime. In 2001 Mr. Franklin was arrested for Criminal Sexual Assault a Class X Felony.

Mr. Franklin has been booked in and out of the Sangamon County Jail on various charges a total of 9 times since 1999.

Currently Mr. Franklin is being held on the Aggravated Criminal Sexual Abuse Charge from his March 2015 arrest, and also he was out on BAIL when he was arrested so he is being held also on a Forgery Case from December or 2014. His Bond is currently set at $100,000 combined for both cases.
Click Here To Read Larry Franklin’s Sangamon County Jail Booking History!

During our investigation into this story we stumbled across a very interesting piece of information on Mr. Franklin. Mr. Franklin even though with his previous criminal history has been very big in local politics over the years.

Mr. Franklin was even the Social Media Campaign Manager for our recently elected Sheriff Wes Bar!

Umm Mr. Barr with Mr. Franklin’s prior criminal history isn’t it out of place for you to associate with him??

Above you will find the Prohibited Associations straight from the Sangamon County Sheriff’s Office Hand Book. It looks like Mr. Barr doesn’t even follow the rules he expects his own staff to follow.

With this political connection to the Administration of our Sherriff’s Office it makes you wonder what kind of special treatment Mr. Franklin gets in the Sangamon County Jail. In previous administrations when a conflict of interest aroused like this they housed the inmate in another facility. We reached out to the Sheriff’s office and they stated they have no formal policy in regards to separate housing for any type of inmate.

We attempted to make contact with Sheriff Wes Barr, but as normal he refused to reply to our request for comment or interview.

Take a look at Mr. Franklin’s Mugshots.
LarryFranklin LarryFranklin1 LarryFranklin2 LarryFranklin3 LarryFranklin4 LarryFranklin5

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39 Comments on "Sangamon County Sheriff Wes Barr Social Media Campaign Manager Accused Again Of Sex Crime!"

  1. Danielle Woodward Meg Ransford this explains y SR didn’t want anything to do with him

  2. I grew up with him. I always thought he was a little off but he is very sick. A child? It makes me sick to my stomach to think about. Very very disturbing!!!!

  3. Um, he’s been there 8 months he wasn’t put back in there he’s been there

  4. Jailed again as in jail again not necessarily the same charge. The story if you click the links stays he’s been in custody since March.

  5. I know very well of this case & he has been there because of the 2 charges

  6. That’s the kind of storys we want to read. Thank you

  7. Darren Lynch Bruce Elston Jr interesting read huh!!

  8. Sounds like someone dropped the ball…
    .needs jail time and anyone affiliated with him also

  9. Never liked that dude…

  10. We received bad checks when he did a fundraiser for our granddaughter in 2013. We turned them into states attorney when it happened. Makes me wonder now.

  11. He is a sick individual

  12. This story is false. The title you give Franklin is only real on this website and never existed until you put it in your headline. He never had a title with Wes Barr’s campaign. He was a volunteer, like hundreds of others that put up signs, passed out literature or walked in parades, and no local campaign volunteer coordinator does background checks on every volunteer. I happen to know Franklin was asked to not use Wes Barr’s image, but it looks like he copied and pasted Barr’s campaign cover photo onto his own page anyway and either did not take it down, and you found it still out there, or someone with a bone to pick with the sheriff caught it while it was still up and fed it to you. Either way, people spoof official pages all the time without permission. He’s obviously a sick individual, so trying to closely associate himself with a popular figure is par for the course. Believe him at your own risk.

    • That title was used on his Facebook that’s how it was given to us. The events and logos are still all over mainstream social media. The image was fed to us though with a link to find the posting and several others. We reached out to Wes Barr for comment and no comment was returned. It seems that not only did Larry have a connection with Wes he had a connection with several local Republicans and played a role in most of their campaigns. A simple check of his Facebook has pictures of him and several candidates and even our current Governor.

  13. I worked with him and his dad at pizza hut on sangamon, they are pervs .. wow.

  14. Heather ain’t that your other baby dad?

  15. Mike Austin was this fundraiser kinda off Amos between N.Grand and Jefferson? I can’t remember what street but some how he got ahold of me on fb and asked if I wanted to do the craft fair/fundraiser. Anyways I did it and my ex gave a $300 check to donate,well that night and several days he kept blowing up my phone saying he needed another check because someone stole it…..Its been a few years ago,but I do know my ex wouldn’t give him another one..

  16. Ima put this out there…DO NOT bash his parents or family unless u kno the true story.

  17. Larry is very much an ADULT ! He’s 35 years OLD !!!!!! He is responsible for his ACTIONS ALONE !!!!!!!!

  18. worked at a local pizza chain that hosted a party for mr Palazzolo and this douche was a drunken fool an hour after it started. he seemed very chummy with a few of the “uppers” that were in attendance that evening.

  19. He was Always “Drunk ” . I believe he used these functions so he get get free Booze !!!! He is a loser and I hope he stays in Jail !!!!!!

  20. I am so glad to see all of his bull$h!t come to light.
    For several years we have tried to get people to see who this dude really is.
    Truth is out. This crooked P.O.S. deserves any and every punishment he gets.

  21. Isnt this your child Margaret?

  22. he is out and why don’t you ask his brother who did it. He was the one there read the reports. Larry was not even there. His brother has been accussed before on it also by youger girls. Plus dcfs was involed due to its his step daughter saying he did it

  23. donald billings | March 25, 2016 at 12:05 am | Reply

    Whoa hold the fuck on. Larry was arrested not me. I was cleared in a court of law u dumbass. Know ur fucking facts before u spout off. Ask around who knows Larry and I’m the liar here……hmmm no. I am stand up citizen who works fourth hour plus work weeks have a nice house have a brand new jeep not Larry so fuck u

  24. donald billings | March 25, 2016 at 12:08 am | Reply

    Hey Larry I kno u posted that so next time hooked on phonics. Learn to spell u illiterate pos

  25. DrunkenDave Detzburg | March 25, 2016 at 3:28 am | Reply

    Keepin it classy, GOP.

  26. This needs to be removed and apologize from this page owners like they said cause thus was dismessed due to lies and being not quilty

  27. he’s obsessed with red and orange t shirts! lol.

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