Sangamon County Sheriff Officer Tony Stoutamyer – Highschool Rapist

Recently I found out that Tony was working for the Sheriff’s Department! This man is sick, and should NEVER have a job with authority over anyone. Check around his highschool class of 09! This man date raped multiple girls at parties, but never once got in any trouble because of the good ol boy system. Now this fucker works for the police SICK!

Rut Roh! Hey !, He Probably Fits In Just Well At The Sheriff’s Department Then  – R

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10 Comments on "Sangamon County Sheriff Officer Tony Stoutamyer – Highschool Rapist"

  1. You’re an idiot Springfield exposed. This is 100 percent an unsubstantiated false

  2. Yea ive known him since like 2004 and dude aint nothing like that at all.tony a good dude.

  3. Really used to be a fan of this site til it turned from edgy journalism to this user submission crap where anyone can try to ruin anyone with no substantiation. Used to be one of firs things I checked in the morning now only look occasionally when pops up in newsfeed.

  4. You need to delete this immediately if he was not convicted of this. This can jeopardize his job!!

  5. Hahahaha i was from 09′ class at lanphier and it all makes sense now

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