Sangamon County Protecting It’s Own Again? Larry O. Franklin Gets PROBATION After State Pleads Out Child Sexual Abuse Case!

Remember Larry Franklin from our Story Sangamon County Sheriff Wes Barr Social Media Campaign Manager Accused Again Of Sex Crime! ?

Back in March of 2015 Mr. Franklin was arrested and charged with Aggravated Criminal Sexual Abuse To A Minor Ages  13-16. Click Here To Read The Springfield Police Report On This Arrest!

Yesterday Assistant Sangamon County States Attorney Emily Mosher motioned the court to ad a count of Felony Domestic Battery. The Judge approved the motion and Mr. Franklin reached a negotiated plea on the case.

“Cause called for hearing on Defendant’s motion to withdraw plea of not guilty to Count II, DOMESTIC BATTERY, a Class 4 Felony. Defendant advised of rights and possible penalties and knowingly waives same. Plea of guilty accepted. Judgment entered on the plea. Pursuant to negotiations, the Defendant is hereby sentenced to 2 years’ probation to be served concurrent with 15CF51. Defendant is to serve 377 days in the Sangamon County Jail, with credit for 377 days served awaiting trial. Defendant is to receive $1,885.00 credit towards applicable fees for time served. Defendant is to pay fines, fees and costs in the form of a civil judgment. Defendant is ordered to pay $200.00 Domestic Violence Fine and $10.00 fine for Domestic Battery. Defendant is ordered to have no contact with C.L. Defendant is ordered not to live with any females under the age of 18. Count I dismissed pursuant to plea.”

Boy oh boy, so the State adds a last minute charge to the case and drops the child sexual abuse charge!

Are we suppose to feel better that his probation says he is not live with any females under the age of 18?

Way to go Sangamon County, good job on protecting your own!

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17 Comments on "Sangamon County Protecting It’s Own Again? Larry O. Franklin Gets PROBATION After State Pleads Out Child Sexual Abuse Case!"

  1. So f up they can let him out and make other who don’t need jail time over driving or weed lock them up but this dude is a f ing crazy person

  2. Maybe he can go back to work for Brad Schroeder now

  3. People Like This Need There Brains Bashed In #FuckThePolice

  4. What is even crazier that state has no money. They wasted a lot of time and money to do this case. Larry won’t even have to pay any money out of his pocket due to time served and money credited. All this over a person touching a breast.

  5. This shit is beyond fucked up.

  6. Yep read people before u try to talk crap people no child charges. No sex charges all that dismisded. So I can be around anyone I want. I could of took the No living with and no contact of but I real don’t care cause I don’t need to be around liers like that. Plus better to stay away from the liers for a couple of years. All that is over in a year. By the way it was a Cm charge.

  7. Way to go Sangamon county, keep promoting that pedophiles can get away with it and you invite a boatload of offenders

  8. Man that’s fucked up I went 2 school with this perv. No wonder nobody befriended him. You can tell he always looked a little off in the head.

  9. I bet i can guess who the lance is posting messages about pedophiles at 3am go to fucking bed lmfao u aint a saint either are you

  10. If it was me (black male) I would have got the maximum penalty. Once again, the good Ole boys at their best in Springfield.this is so wrong on so many levels.

  11. You need to post the names and pictures of this turd’s union rep, his attorney and the prosecutor. Those three had to have been the ones to make this deal. They all need to be exposed as protectors of pedophiles.

  12. So this man doesn’t have to register as a sexual predator ? IM REALLY CONFUSED . So disappointed in our judicial system. Parents please show your young children a picture of this man and tell them to stay away. So sickening he only has $300 in fine for permanently scaring children in the most disgusting way possible. Horrible decision judge. Horrible.

  13. Thomas Smith | August 4, 2017 at 7:42 pm | Reply

    Dude worked at the Sky Glider at last year’s fair….Boycott the Sky Glider!!!!!!

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