Sangamon County Jail Overcrowding… No Relief In Sight…

Remember our story Inmates Sleeping On The Floor At The Sangamon County Jail!?

Today we are doing a little follow-up on that story. As of today the Sangamon County Jail is housing around 350 people currently, when the Illinois Department of Corrections only rates it for 314, and there is only around 295 beds even in the jail.


As you can see over the last 10 years the Jails average yearly population started to drop but is now spiking back upwards. The Jail only 2 times in the last 10 years on average was below its rated capacity, It was never below its actual bed count.

We reached out the Sangamon County Sheriff’s Office asking for plans for jail expansion and they stated there are no current or future plans for expansion. With the Sheriffs office receiving around $19,000,000.00 of our tax dollars a year to fund its office lets find a way to stop violating inmates rights and save some money. Maybe the staff shouldn’t be eating shrimp for free?

Come on Larry L. Beck (New Jail Warden this year), let’s start seeing some of those amazing changes you boasted about. Your $85,624.00 a year salary is not cheap, start earning it.

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3 Comments on "Sangamon County Jail Overcrowding… No Relief In Sight…"

  1. Get rid of the pot heads.. Plenty of space will open up.

  2. Stop arresting ppl wit no evidence against them then.

  3. That place is a shithole. No only do they get a large amount from tax dollars they also make money from commissary purchases. Other jails surrounding this county are more up to par and is a lot cleaner, more amenities. They need to test down the current jail build a new one.

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