Sangamon County Jail Inmate Commissary Menu!!

Hey everyone!

Do you have a love one locked up in the Sangamon County Jail? Ever wonder how much those “commissary items” they buy with the money you stick on their books are?

Springfield IL Exposed has that solved for you!!!

Click Here to View the Current Sangamon County Jail Inmate Commissary Price List!

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12 Comments on "Sangamon County Jail Inmate Commissary Menu!!"

  1. Dang! Most of that stuff is incredibly cheep. I was expecting ballpark prices!

  2. It may look cheap but they tax the hell out of you.

  3. Right the Ramen noodles though seem a little high

  4. This is the moment girlfriends/wives everywhere realize they have been bamboozled out of so much money. Lol..jk

  5. This is a complete lie. They charged me $7 for toilet paper which is not on the list. Tooth brush, tooth paste, little ass bar of soap and a comb.

  6. $2.49 for that which is referred to as an “intake kit”

  7. Hmmm…what does that include? Bahah

  8. Shank proof tooth brush, bar of soap, tooth paste, comb and toilet paper. Thats all i got in my little zip lock. They come around like 5 am offer you to shave. No rags and no towels. That was 2006.

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