Sangamon County Employees Still Violating Computer Usage Policy, Sheriff Barr Apparently Doesn’t Care!

Sheriff Barr WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!?!?

Your employee are apparently having a free for all on OUR TAX DOLLARS!!!!

Previously we brought you the story Sangamon County & City Of Springfield Employees Using Your Tax Dollars For Facebook!

Apparently that didn’t stop the employees because they are still on FACEBOOK on COUNTY OWNED COMPUTERS then coming to OUR WEBSITE from FACEBOOK!
Facebook Facebook1 Facebook2 Facebook3 Facebook4
And this is only a few… Sangamon County Employees account for a decent amount of traffic to our website. Especially in the overnight hours… Who besides the Sheriff’s Employees are working after 5:00PM on County Computers??

Lets take a look at the Sheriff’s Policy on this…
Seems to me to be a CLEAR VIOLATION!

So how does one get something done about this!?
Well that is out the question since its previously been reported!

We better not hear a peep from the Sheriff’s Office about needing more staff if the current staff has time to play on Facebook while working!

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3 Comments on "Sangamon County Employees Still Violating Computer Usage Policy, Sheriff Barr Apparently Doesn’t Care!"

  1. You should have seen the city owned vans at the Asian massage parlor on north dirksen, not lunch hour either. City time, city dollars, happy endings.

  2. This comment could also come from someone in the Sangamon County States Attorneys office, Circuit Clerks office, anyone in that building really. Try sending over a Freedom of Information request to the tech guys over at the County Building to figure out who is using that static ip address with that user-105. Might be interesting, but I bet its a clerk in the Sangamon County States Attorneys office.

    • We long ago tried that, they state that is a general IP for every county user. The reason we believe its the Sheriffs Office mostly is because a lot of the traffic comes late evening when they would be the only county employees on the network.

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