Sangamon County & City Of Springfield Employees Using Your Tax Dollars For Facebook!

In a review of statistical logs upon the request of an outside agency today we came across some rather interesting facts…

You may remember we previously brought you Hey Jesse White Your Power Is Getting Shut Off?? Computer Vendors Discontinuing Service?? How Will The SOS Employees Read Facebook & Our Website! .

Our Founder also briefly talked about this with 217 Problems during an interview on 217 Radio (Check Out The Exclusive First Ever Interview With 217 Radio & The Founder Of Springfield IL Exposed ).

Ever wonder when you walk into a Government Building and you see everyone on their computers what they are really doing? Or when you call in and your on hold for ever? Take a look at this…

This is an employee in the Sangamon County Government coming from Facebook to read an article on our website. What are they doing on Facebook on a County Owned Computer & Internet? We reached out to the county previously to identify who the employee was and Michael Walton stated they do not have the ability to tell us what terminal/employee it was, but it is clearly against the code of conduct for an employee to be on Facebook on county time and computers…

Its okay the City of Springfield is doing the same thing! We reached out to the City also previously to identify the employee and Amber Sabin with the City of Springfield stated they don’t maintain records of employee computer usage. Again though it is against city policy for an employee to be on Facebook on City owned computers.

Hey A State Employee visited today also from his or her work computer. At least they didn’t come from Facebook! We don’t have any objection to this employee as they came directly to our website to read our news. Its compare to reading the news paper at their desk, just in this day and age our news isn’t in print.

Brian McFadden & James Langfelder can you guys get your employees under control? We don’t want to hear anything about not having enough man power to get things done, when your employees have time to play on Facebook. This is just a short post on one single day, we could go into hours of hours of tax dollar waste on this. Lets get this fixed please and thank you.

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4 Comments on "Sangamon County & City Of Springfield Employees Using Your Tax Dollars For Facebook!"

  1. I worked at the Secretary of State on Dirksen from 2010 to 2014 and I can tell you that we didn’t have access to any websites but SJR and a few other news sites. I can’t really speak for any other facility though.

  2. I don’t see the issue if it is during lunch then that is on their own time (off the clock) but a while other issue most other times of the day. Though it is hard to make generalizations all the time for incidental usage due to most employees having a 15 minute break in the morning and afternoon, or the employee is stuck waiting on others to get back to them, not every employee has tons of stuff to do all the time. Some work is cyclical (e.g. dept. of revenue tax collections). In other agencies that are open all day, e.g. police one could be in early before their shift or staying after their shift. If you look at a number of state and local agencies they also have their own Facebook pages, Twitter, and YouTube networks they use to share their messages. Stories like this that directly imply government worked on social media is a form of government waste is not a strong argument, especially if reading news. You would criticize them if they avoided social media too. In the old days it was just the newspaper and magazines, now there is the internet; nothing new here.

  3. The governor is cutting programs for children & elderly & this is what you’re worried about?

  4. Watch day spa on north dirksen, city employees in city vehicles getting a *%*&# massage. Your tax dollars HARD @ work.

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