Sangamon County Assistant States Attorney Sierra Senor WAY TO GO!! Apparently Her Ears Aren’t “Deaf” To Snitches!

Remember the story Jasen Manuele – Arrested for RETAIL THEFT!! ?? Or  Details on Jasen Manuele Recent Arrests for Retail Theft & Violation of an Order of Protection!

You may remember back in September local Facebook Stalker Jasen Manuele was arrested and admitted to stealing from Walmart.
Yes that’s right he admitted to stealing some Acne Wash & Hair Dye!
Well formal charges were finally filled against him by Assistant States Attorney Sierra Senor today!

Way To Go Jasen! Thankfully you only caught another Misdemeanor charge, you know since your so bad ass and all! You’ll probably only get some little fine out of it, maybe some probation but I doubt it. Wait though… Aren’t you still on Misdemeanor Probation?? Rut Roh sounds like you might get violated on it for catching a new case, somebody might be getting some county jail time. Don’t worry its not Prison you will be fine, we will send you fan mail when you are in there telling you to kill yourself, you know like you tell others you’ll do to them.

Hey Jasen when you get your County Time and they probably make you a Trustee don’t become the laundry guy, it’ll be hard for you to fold those clothes with no chin! Better grab that CI Phone and get on it, you are going to need everything you can.

Oh an Sierra congrats its good to know that not all the Employees in the States Attorney are not “deaf” to the annoyance me all know as Jasen M. Manuele.


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6 Comments on "Sangamon County Assistant States Attorney Sierra Senor WAY TO GO!! Apparently Her Ears Aren’t “Deaf” To Snitches!"

  1. This is the funniest shit I’ve ever read!!

  2. I buy hair dye to | November 16, 2015 at 10:59 pm | Reply

    Jasen who is going to jail now sucka

  3. It’s a retail theft, that office has a mandatory charge filing policy on retails. Of course it was getting filed.

  4. He told on me a couple years ago! He had a wire on and met me at the shop and save parking lot. Dude a snitch

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