Rose Lawn Memorial Park Causing Grieving Families Even More Grief…

Several Families who went our to Rose Lawn Memorial Park in Springfield this weekend to visit their loved ones were met with a surprise.
You would expect that the flowers you stuck on your loved ones grave only a few weeks ago would still be there on Fathers Day right?

Well not at Rose Lawn! Rose Lawn staff wiped the entire Park clean of flowers and left them in a huge pile in sight to the family members that came.

We reached out to Rose Lawn Staff, they would comment directly but we were told that all cleanup operations are performed to the guidelines set in place by their board.

How would you feel about this? Should the park adjust their policies?

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36 Comments on "Rose Lawn Memorial Park Causing Grieving Families Even More Grief…"

  1. “all cleanup operations are performed to the guidelines set in place by their board.” So apparently that includes not only flowers but gathering all the american flags and just dumping them on the ground?!? What a total disrespect for these people that have passed and our country. They should be ashamed of themselves!

  2. This is an outrage, total disrespect of the American flag, I am a marine veteran and take offense to this. Not to mention the poor families who tried to show their love for the departed and have it piled so the could see it.

  3. And flags just tossed in the heap—-

  4. Heather Marie look at the shit

  5. cleaning is one thing but most do it twice a year you have winter and summer decorations. I know in the Chicagoland area they do at least. And when they dispose of the seasonal things that families don’t come and take they dispose of the out of site of anyone in dumpsters. This is totally out of line!

  6. You’re but yeah my aunt was livid when she seen this and told me and i went out there. Sure enough its all behind the big dirt mound.

  7. I can understand u cant let it become trash over time but this don’t seem right

  8. if the flowers were still alive leave them if they are dead then clean up flowers are not cheap now a days and we put them there to show are respect to are love ones. it pisses me off.

  9. by the pictures all the flowers and decor are still very vibrate with color – clearly not dead . Smh

  10. I work for a local garbage company. Every one of the cemeteries I dump toss all the decor in the trash after a certain time period, flags and all.

  11. Yes I understand that this can be upsetting to people. But cemeteries have to do a clean up every couple of weeks. They are not doing it to be disrespectful by any means. But it is their job and they can’t just let days and weeks and months of decorations add up. I wish people would be more aware and educated of where their loved ones are buried. That way you can remove it before the day it is cleaned then you can put it back. They don’t just randomly do it. There’s certain days ( planned ) same ones every year. Be thankful that you are not going to visit them and their tombstone wasn’t broken by careless people or vandalized.

  12. I do wonder why they don’t have a dumpster or something that would’ve concealed this mess.

  13. Well Oakridge has their dump “fenced ” . But the smaller ones don’t have it fenced in.

  14. Is there a number for the board to call and complain

  15. There is nothing to call and complain about. Rules are rules, every where has them.

    • Rules can be altered if deemed necessary. I’d trust many of those decorations were just put out for Memorial Day. Granted that was more than 2 weeks ago but still would be considered “fresh and clean”. You words may be “THE RULES” but they sound cold and heartless. You’ve obviously not lost someone close to you or you have to clean this up and see it only as a job! Not everyone’s graves are gaudy.

      • Yes I have lost very many close loved ones. And yes I have been to the cemetery and have had to clean up the areas. In fact I have cleaned and scrubbed mold off of tomb stones of family members. So I can see both sides to this story. If there was not a clean up day dedicated than yes our loved ones would be covered in the many decomposed decorations put out. Then if that happened people would be upset with the cemetery for not keeping the grounds up. There is no disrespect from me. I just know how it feels from both sides.

  16. Clean up should refer to garbage and cleaning of the grounds! Not items placed on a loved ones grave! If someone places flowers on their dads grave then by all means leave them there. If there’s chip bags laying around clean it up!

  17. I went there to out flowers on my parents graves yesterday heard this so I went back out today to check an they was steal there along with tons of others so I don’t think this is true

  18. All im saying is I was there an I seen flowers at lots of graves yesterday am today

  19. My dad has been out there since 1973 and has always been this way. Family goes out there Memorial weekend to put something on the graves. Following Sunday we go back out there to pick them up so the decorations can be used again. One time we missed that Sunday but got out there on Monday a little after 8 and decorations were already off on all graves. At least the flags should be put all together and do something with respect. I wish my parents are someplace else that respects people. Sadly to say that is where I’m going to be

  20. If they was smart they would clean them up and resell them.

  21. So wrong. I know how they feel. 13 years ago when we lost our son. In May 2003. Oak Ridge Cemetery has clean up July 16th. I went out that morning to get flowers from his grave. Was sad to find them taken off. Went yo their shed. They were all ready taken to trash. Only found one small thing left. I cryed. How rude if them. Still grieving like they had no feelings at all. No respect for those still grieving loss of their lived ones. And American Flags just tossed. That is a BIG NO NO. SHAME ON YOU ROSELAWN

  22. The flags have been picked up by a good Samaritan!

  23. Keagon Vicari we seen this this morning

  24. Next year it will be fuck you roselawn when the weeds are ten feet tall

  25. To have flowers especially artificial flowers thrown away every couple of week is very costly to the family. Those flowers are not cheap and some of us cannot afford to buy new flowers every couple of weeks. I can see throwing away the real flowers that are old but not the artificial ones .

  26. It’s sad to me that the workers excuse was that “This is what the board told us to do”…. Nazi’s also just did what they were told…Use your head and don’t just do what the boss tells you because your a cowardly mindless drone.

  27. Lol 10,000 worth of decorations tossed out because its cheaper for them to toss then then to hire someone to pick them up while someone cuts the grass then put them back? Really what that cost $200 I labor vs tossing out thousands $ in decorations?

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