Robbery Goes Wrong?? Leave Your Best Friend To Die?? – Donald W. Roach


Meet Donald Roach, convicted in 2014 of Home Invasion / Cause Injury and sentenced to 20 years in the Illinois Department of Corrections.

Sources close to the victim and Mr. Roach state that the incident was a “Robbery Gone Wrong”, but also said “Who The Hell Leaves Their Best Friend To Die?”.

Drugs make people do crazy things they say.

Mr. Roach is currently in the Illinois River Correctional Center and isn’t set for release until November of 2024.

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13 Comments on "Robbery Goes Wrong?? Leave Your Best Friend To Die?? – Donald W. Roach"

  1. Is he related to Christina Roach?

  2. that’s crazy how you gonna leave your friend

  3. Seen this coming since first grade when he cussed out the teacher.. L m a o

  4. That family is messed up. They are a bunch of Roaches.

  5. He went back for his friend if anyone in this situation would go in after their friend after hear a shit load of gun shots would b asking to get shot jus as well.i used to like this page but soon realizing alot of this shit you read on here is overly exaggerated

  6. No i dont completely agree with the way they went about things but you cant treat him like it was his fault

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