Riverton Illinois SEX OFFENDER James E. Tucker


Mr. Tucker resides at 824 North 5th Street in Riverton Illinois!

In 2012 Mr. Tucker was convicted of Aggravated Criminal Sexual Abuse to a 12 year Old!

Back then he posted a $100,000 Bond while fighting the case. While out on bond the court told him “not to attend any sporting event or school function at any school event where minor children might be in attendance.” He later pled guilty to one count and received 48 months of Probation!

In 2013 he was charged with a Felony after the Riverton Police found out he was living in Riverton without registering! He was found guilty and sentenced to 24 months of probation which he just completed back in November 2015.


Remember even in Small Towns creeps are still close by!

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40 Comments on "Riverton Illinois SEX OFFENDER James E. Tucker"

  1. He was never sentenced to prison? Even after violating probation? Who are these judges and how soon can we vote them out?

  2. I thought they couldn’t live within so many miles of a school? That address is a half mile from the elementary school!

  3. Kelly Sullivan Heibner

  4. I appreciate posts like these considering I didn’t even know and he’s one street away from me.. Wow

  5. You should probably get the full story on this before people go assuming shit

  6. He’s a registered predator, you ppl who defend him are just as sick as him

  7. I believe I went to high school with him

  8. I’m fully against anyone who does anything sexual to a child trust me! But this was bullshit on what they charged him with nothing ever happened!

  9. Dennis P Adams Jr then he should of never pled guilty and admitted to something he didn’t do. Likewise he did though

  10. Dennis P Adams Jr just don’t waste your breath I messaged the website and will get a response hopefully

  11. Who said nothing happened? The guy who plead guilty? You don’t make any sense. By pleading guilty you admit to something, it’s not like he fought it and was wrongfully convinced, HE PLEAD GUILTY!!

  12. Tuan Burnett . you remember that Lil dude Payton? Look like his dad

  13. Excuse me but would you like me to tell the story?this was no pic problem and If you would like me to air anything while your airing how he’s not guilty please Tabitha and Dennis just let me know.

  14. please do Dawn.

  15. Danielle J. Smith he used to work with Larry didn’t he?

  16. I think people like that should be in prison forever because these kids have to deal with the trauma forever, but our justice system is so screwed up,if you mess with a kid you should never see the light of day again!!!!!

  17. I think this situation is messed up but i think the girl lied bout her age to him and now a days noone shows their ids unless their buying tobacco or alcohol i personally kno the guy and his family this isnt like him

  18. Ok an now a days girls are developing early so i do believe it was a misunderstanding but i myself dnt kno the situation jus like alot of other ppl dnt

  19. He plead guilty then he’s guilty. People say it’s bs what he got charged with then he would’ve plead not guilty. I’ll make sure I watch my kids if we go into Riverton and run into him. People are sick now days

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