Reports Are In That Mommy Changed Jasen Manuele’s Phone Number For Him! New Number & A Little Update!

Good Evening, Lets share some of the local Springfield Drama!

Our readers all know about the pathetic alleged child rapist, crazy stalker Jasen Manuele by now.

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By now we all know that Jasen lives in his Mom’s Garage (Janet L. George/Bowen) over at 1934 North Seventh Street Springfield IL (We do not condone you taking actions into your own hands, please be responsible adults).

We also know that Janet there has given Jasen serveral phones numbers on her account of the recent months to use.  Most recently it was 217-503-5454. Well in the last few weeks that number has been disconnected and changed.

Reports are coming in the new number is 217-652-4737!

The voicemail below was sent to us of Jasen saying he was calling the police on someone for “Harassing his girlfriend”. Like for real does this man have the nerve to even talk about harassing?

In other news Jasen is set for a Plea Hearing on Feb 10, 2016 at 9:00 AM in Courtroom 5C for his probation violation and allegedly stealing hair dye and zit crème from Walmart.

Jasen is also do in court for a Family Hearing on Feb 16, 2016 at 8:30 AM, where his child’s mother is attempting to modify/revoke his visitation with his son.

We have had the above image sent to us at least 20 times over the last few weeks. We are unable to confirm the validity of this letter as DCFS Investigations are not public record. Likewise is brings a lot of questions up though if it is true. If you know anything about this letter please contact us!


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11 Comments on "Reports Are In That Mommy Changed Jasen Manuele’s Phone Number For Him! New Number & A Little Update!"

  1. Detective Dumbfuck is at it again huh? #iseeyou Calling the cops #copcaller on another person for harassment. #iminthebushes. He has some nerve! #wholesquaddead #alibi. If Jasen is reading this, and I’m sure his stalker ass is….How are them sores chomo?

  2. I’m soooo confused how this douchebag still walks the street. Puzzled

    • I dated that rapist before he touched my 15 year old daughter tried to get her drunk and high and rape her. Hes sick!

  3. He won’t be if I ever catch him out his garage

  4. Cause douchebags can get away with it bro u should know that by now

  5. Cuz he is a pussy with a keyboard

  6. I don’t know him at all but I’ve seen plenty of crap about what he has done. Perry, take care of that ur way

  7. That true I know plenty douchbags that get away with so much shit but jasens the worst one

  8. Someone should do something. The law is too worried about drugs. Sexual freaks get slaps on the wrist and victimless crimes get years upon years. His address is right there…js

  9. omfg SERIOUSLY?? | February 8, 2016 at 10:44 pm | Reply

    I remember this kid all the way back to Franklin middle school days, ol nasty ass.
    Lots of rumors about him spread around like wild fire..
    I never knew him on a personal level but he was always weird a.f, yah know, the weird you don’t mess with.
    Can’t believe he’s still on the streets harassing, stalking & snitching!

  10. I want to know how he finds so many girlfriends…I can’t find a decent girl to save my damn

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