Renee Brown Town Hoe

I dated this girl named Renee Brown of Quincy IL for a little over a year. Turns out she was one of the biggest mistakes of my life. As I worked full time to keep a roof over our head she was cheating on me behind my back. This girl has a daughter but her kid was taken because she was having sex with the neighbor and not taking care of the child like a responsible woman should. I finally had to leave, and left her in Spencer Iowa. Good luck slut. Your gonna need it. She chose drugs and alochol over trying to make a family.

She goes by many names, her current facebook is Sandy.jett.12

Well Quincy BEWARE – R

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11 Comments on "Renee Brown Town Hoe"

  1. Snarky McSnark | November 29, 2017 at 4:19 am | Reply

    when you’re right, you’re right. everybody was banging her. once I had to wait like two hours while the UPS guy went at it. there were three guys in line after me. we only left because she said you’d be home soon and she was gonna have you eat her pussy.

  2. And this is why std’s are so high cause of nasty folks like snarky and this chick.

  3. hey, all I ever had was crabs and I got that took care of. And chlamydia that time, 10 days of antibiotics. the clap test cam back negative and so did HIV.Snarky is careful with his wiener, I only have the one.

  4. Obviously if you had those you weren’t taking care of yourself. Hpv is very serious as well.

  5. What the word on the Gibbs girl..I hear she is a big one too

  6. Whats the worst part is I really did love the girl. But cleary she loves drugs more than me and her daughter. I added an update to this post which Im not sure if the admins will post it.

    Cant turn a Hoe into a Housewife.

  7. This is not true and I don’t fucking appreciate this fucked up post I’m not a hoe he’s just mad cuz I left him for someone younger he’s just a salty fucking ex I’m a nice respectful loyal girl and fuck Barry and this stupid ass website and all of you dumbasses who commented on this post are hoes not me.

  8. My daughter is not a slut or a whore how dare you post untrue stuff about people about other people Barry Poe shouldn’t be posting lies to get revenge on on my daughter your the reason she got her daughter taken away in the first place and you said you slapped my Granddaughter cause she wouldn’t stop crying your abusive and watch porn everyday and masterbate.

  9. Barry Poe watches porn and masterbates,to me he cheated on my daughter.She never cheats on any man and she is not a whore or slut and if you believe this bullshit website then your a dumb ass.Barry is a woman beater and child abuser. Beware of him!! KEEP YOUR KIDS SAFE STAY AWAY FROM BARRY POE. He calls DHS and lies too them to get children taken away from there mother’s How Dare you lie about someone that you just met your a slut and a whore. I hope you get what’s coming to you.

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