Remember Maleeha Shahid??

Remember Maleeha from Who The Hell is Maleeha Shahid aka Maleeha Khalifaa???

Enjoy the lovely attempt of her lip syncing while we finish up her full story!

I’m still having trouble believing Maleeha was born in 1996! Yes that’s right she is only 19…

For our industry followers she was born on March 11, 1996! She is not 21!!!!

Them escorts are getting younger and younger, while looking older and older…

Maleehaa Dirty Nasy No Good Attempting to Lip Sync

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19 Comments on "Remember Maleeha Shahid??"

  1. Lip sing?! Lmao! You mean lip sync.

  2. Lol there’s nothing even wrong with that video to be honest she looks cute

  3. Maleehaa Khalifaa hope this isn’t true..

  4. Can’t wait for the full story!!!! Teens these days smh

  5. Is your website down? It won’t load or is loading slower than a 56k modem. High traffic right now?

  6. Well someone sure is obsessed with their hair..

  7. hah ! I used to work with her .

  8. I’m still not seeing where she’s an escort.

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