Remember Jacqueline Burnes !?!?

Who here remembers Escort Jacqueline Burnes from last nights article?


Boy is she not new to the Court House…

She has two Pending Felony Counts right now that she is out on bail on… 1 For Aggravated Battery, 1 For Domestic Violence.

In 2012 she was charged and found guilty of Felony Forgery.
In 2012 also she was charged and found guilty of Retail Theft.
In the last 5 years she has been apart of at least 5 Order of Protection Cases..









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26 Comments on "Remember Jacqueline Burnes !?!?"

  1. Wes Herk Scott Jamison Ty Chasteen daaamn

  2. Velvet Parker …click on the link dude.

  3. Damn b we had a feelin remember?

  4. Hell yeah if i was thinking clear i would have hit her ass lbs

  5. What’s the story Stephanie Huslahh Dobson and Velvet Parker ??

  6. damn thats crazy Michael Mercer is in there to lmao

  7. Lmao yea ikr ima dead beat yet took care of kids for last 3 yrs and pay my child support and see em now these niggaz are fuckin goofies or sumthin

  8. Michael Mercer your not a bead beat in our eyes.

  9. She worked at mcdonalds last year on aug 13th we got robbed by her exboyfriend i KNOW she was behind it …

  10. damn hell ya had to had somthin to do wit it she was dating him ? a

  11. an Michael Mercer is one of the best guys i know known him for years that bitch lied on him said he beat an raped her while he was taking care of her an her kids when al she ever did was sut on the couch an be pregnet for 5 year an ruin his life an make him look bad shes the one who set this up the wat it played an got pissed about the hand she gave herself she swallows souls an eats babys buy that i mean semen by that i mean cum by that i mean the stuff that comes out of ypur dick when you have sex but she has never done a nice thing in her life mike like my best friend i know him vary well got ur back bro

  12. any thing that comes out of her mouth is a lie anyything that goes in is a dick

  13. Thanks Springfield Exposed and Wes Herk. I miss my kids horribly and to be honest as much as shes done to me I still miss my wife. Im the type once ur married u stand by them regardless so I keep standing for us even tho shes cheated lied and manipulated I still and will forever love her. She beared 4 kids for me and gave me 2 more that I love as if they were mine. Raised em most of there lives.A.J.F.M I love u always and forever….

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