Rebecca Elizabeth Poffenberger Lets Stop This Domestic Stuff… Oh & Stop Fighting With The Police…

Poffenberger, Rebecca Elizabeth
Meet Rachel Elizabeth Poffenberger.

Up until this year Ms. Poffenberger had never been in the Sangamon County Jail.

Lately though shes visited twice within a few months of each other. Both for a core charge of Domestic Battery, as well as other charges related to her actions during her arrests.
Poffenberger, Rebecca Elizabeth2
Poffenberger, Rebecca Elizabeth1


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76 Comments on "Rebecca Elizabeth Poffenberger Lets Stop This Domestic Stuff… Oh & Stop Fighting With The Police…"

  1. These were not my fault. I just got stuck in it and charges were never filed

  2. Yeah it isn’t slander Becca Poffenberger you were arrested for it….

  3. Get a life you loser

  4. Amanda Lyn Day Bergen

  5. Yo. Becca’s a good person. Get the fuck. Is there an actual charge for it?

  6. Until proven guilty, it is slander! No charges were filed! I didn’t do anything.
    R u even familiar with the legal system? Look those cases up. I wuz jus caught n the middle of both!
    Slander all day! A police report means nothing. The states attorneys determine the outcome.
    Watch sum law n order u instigator. Don’t make my family check ur ass. I know who runs this page.
    Post about how my convict brothers beat ur mf’n ass next!

  7. Becca Poffenberger we never said you were convicted…. Like wise it wouldn’t be slander as its not spoken either, you are using the wrong term please use google and find the appropriate term. If this was “Slander” how could the Police Beat in newspapers ever happen? You should probably do some looking up.

  8. Becca Poffenberger oh no we are so scared you tagged your family, who is about to go to prison for violating his probation. Way to go! #Trash

  9. Becca Poffenberger least you and him have some Domestic Battery issues in common!

  10. Nigga this is her brother n ur uneducated about the legal system! U take a charge n turn it n 2 a situation! Found innocent! That makes ur post bullshit! & slander! U think lawyers aren’t involved??? U’ll b waist deep next for comment. U a pussy. N it facts r bs, u fb stalkin ass mf!. I’ll violent jus for u if u speak my sisters name again birch boy. Believe that. If u know my case then u know how I do. N I’ll do u too. Period

    • It’s not Slander, Google lawyer.

      Is your post even English? I don’t speak hood.

    • birch boy? lol. can i be an elm?

      way to publicize your intent to harm someone. that won’t count against your county time.

    • Sandra Olsen | July 3, 2016 at 1:33 am | Reply

      Bitch stop trying to be a wigger you piece of shit. Lol. Caught and will be convicted. Love this website. Let’s throw out the trash.

  11. Check Back for Richard Poffenbergers story! Convicted Woman Beater!

  12. These comments tho

  13. Jami Braner Kedra Lyn South Patricia Isaacs Ford Laurel Kaiser bahahaha

  14. Springfield exposed your the Shit keep it coming

  15. Tim Wagner didn’t you just beat Ricky’s ass ?

  16. Love u Becca Poffenberger let them say what u want you know what happens in your life

  17. Committing crimes = public info is free and easy to access. If you don’t want to be exposed, try following rules of society.

  18. Someone remind her brother what color he is, wow big time wannabe poser.

    • At the end of every day, he is still W-H-I-T-E!

      • He’ll never get what a retard he is. Think’s he’s “hard” and “gangsta”. Can’t be hard in an Impala OR a Sebring rofl. Enjoy the buffoonery. I find it hilarious.

  19. Take a look at this moron wannabe, it’s her “bro”

    • Sandra Olsen | July 3, 2016 at 1:34 am | Reply

      Does he have AIDS. Seriously. I was told he has AIDS and slept with his sister. And he looks like a heroin addict. Dude. Saw that necklace in a toy vending machine.

  20. keep it real dipshit

  21. Hahaha ewwww lmfaooooo

    • Ya that’s y dj left ur ass to come to me then Ricky beat djs as so bad he knocked him out his damn shoes and left him on the curb bloody . Then me and neigh beat his ass and the cops took him away. Then he went back to u. Ur his second choice when he couldn’t have me.

      • Sandra Olsen | July 3, 2016 at 1:38 am | Reply

        Saw her ass at Red Robins. Hope her nasty diseases didn’t get in anyone’s food. Hope they drug test u. U look like a meth addict.

    • Bitch why would u even be proud of doing some shit like that to somebody? Ur how old?talking like ur a motherfucking G bitch ur fucking ugly and nasty as shit lmao…dj came to me bc he knew I was 100 and didn’t use him for his love knowing how ugly ur ass is and couldn’t get anything compared to my sexy ass hubby! Sit the fuck down skank!

    • Yea he loved ur dirty rotten ass but soon realized how much of a dirty skank u are then he came back to the love of his life!!! ME BITCH!!!!! Hahahaha u will never and could never compare..sry not sry

    • U don’t know shit bout me bitch. I’m 7 yrs older then ur man and still made him fall head over heels for almost 4 yrs. Cause u bitches ain’t got shit on this.And I am a motherfuckin G. Been doing shit way b4 u.and been thru more then u… And I didn’t use him for his love. He fell hard and I couldn’t help that… but he was jus a child drinking and passing out in the chair in the living room while I worked my ass off to take care of him so I needed a MAN. and now I got one. Tim Wagner

    • Wuts ur age got to do with him falling head over heels?!?! Lmao u stupid!and exactly he was “head over heels”in love with u and u straight broke his heart over a fuck boy u had him move to Florida to be with u and u beat him up and left him to fen for himself ur fucking scum bag in my book! Ur fucking sick for dating someone 7 yrs olyoinger then u especially the ages yall started talking..u kno that was rape? I have a family to attend to..maybe one day ull know what that’s about…hahahaha and aint got shit on u? U look like a fucking old man wit a wig on..bust down!

    • Dj came 2 u cuz Ricky Poffenberger III beat him out his pants n dropped his cake ass! -Ricky

    • This bitch here lmmfao…

    • He was 17 when we met and we didn’t have sex for awhile. But he fell so hard for that pussy he forgot bout all other. We were great friends b4 nething. And u can talk all the shit u want but me and dj know the love we had. And how it wasn’t about using anyone. He was the ” sweetest boy in the whole wide world” and u r lucky to have him. Bit he jus wasn’t for me. I love my Tim Wagner. And everything happens for a reason. And I don’t have problems with u but u obviously do…. u and dj have a good life and so will me and timmy. I have left ya’ll alone for 4 yrs jus jus leave me alone. Ur welcome for sending him back to u but I never let him fend for himself he stayed at my house til grandma bought his ticket home. I always took care of him from his shoes I sent him and everything I did for him

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    • Sandra Olsen | July 3, 2016 at 1:41 am | Reply

      Selling them drugs and having prostituting yourself to men will get u some money. But it won’t buy you self worth. You are a poster child for abortions.

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    Love u haters. Its y i do it so big! Jus 2 piss off u pussies!

  26. Did you really just call a shitty ass impala a whip? Wow you are a fucking idiot.

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