Real Headbutt, Real Problems… In Springfield? Just Yell For The Police!


This meme was shared to us today via Facebook of two local men arguing outside of OP Court in Sangamon County.  Moments later according to the person who shared it to us one of the men head butted the other and the victim screamed for the police.

We were able to obtain the video footage of the entire altercation.

Too bad it it didn’t end with someone going threw the window, like in the below video then it would be something to share with you.  Instead this incident just looks like what we like to call the scream and hug kinda fight.

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19 Comments on "Real Headbutt, Real Problems… In Springfield? Just Yell For The Police!"

  1. I wanna see the video lol

  2. As a child watches….smh

  3. The guy who caused it reordered it and posted it to his page,the child was laughing. Absolutely disgusting!

  4. Tonya King you’ve seen the video?

  5. Yup! Crazy was definitely harassing our friend while he was there getting an OP against him…States Attorney has both video’s

    • Which one? The one crazy had recording him from his pocket or county building? You can’t hear anything on the county building one…I don’t have them but our friend does…

  6. County building I’ve seen the bs video he posted I wanna SEE my boy head but him lmao

  7. I wanna leave a comment so bad but trying to beat case.

  8. i just want to let everyone know dcfs is involved in this situation

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