Readers Lets Help, Local Family Loses It ALL In A Recent Fire

On the night of July 26th, 2017 Skye Erwin and her roommate Tonya King came home to their house being engulfed in flames. You always hear stories of people having to deal with these disasters but never think it will happen to you. Skye is a hardworking single mother of three children and Tonya is an amazing woman trying to stay ahead in what is already a hard enough world. These two woman have lost a good 95% of their belongings as well as the belongings of the children. Luckily no one was home when the fire started and we are thankful for that every moment. They now have to find a new place to call home and start all over. That’s where you can help.

We have confirmed with both woman and below is the OFFICAL Donation page setup by a close friend.

Ali Rehwaldt set up the page and has known Skye for 20+ years and Tonya for the last few years. These woman need our help in raising the money for a deposit on a new place to rent, help replacing all of their lost items and hopefully help with paying ahead on rent.
These woman have lost almost everything so any donation big or small is greatly appreciated.


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18 Comments on "Readers Lets Help, Local Family Loses It ALL In A Recent Fire"

  1. Thank you Randy!!

  2. WICS ABC Newschannel 20 you covered the orginal fire, cover this too and help them!

  3. I hope they had insurance

  4. Clothing sizes, where donations can be dropped off?

  5. I’m moving in early September. I would be willing to donate my bed waterbed frame with 6 drawers with regular mattress), kitchen stuff (plates, pots and pans and other kitchen items)

  6. The oldest child wear a 12/14 in clothes and 7y shoes. (Boy)
    The middle child wears a size 7 clothes and 2c in shoes. (Boy)
    The youngest wears a 2t and 5c in shoes. (Girl)
    Both ladies wear large/xlarge in tops and 11-13 in pants or large I leggings. There has been a youcaring page set up for cash donations as well that will help with a deposit for a new place and anything to furnish a place. These ladies work hard to have everything taken. Thanks!!

  7. I have a friend with a couch for $20…. I WILL BUY THE COUCH IF SOMOENE CAN PICK IT UP/STORE IT!!!

  8. I have little girl clothes for you. I’m so sorry for what happened.

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