Read This Before Ever Helping Jennifer Jackson Gordy!!!

Remember Jennifer Jackson Gordy from BEWARE!!! Jennifer Jackson Gordy On the Prowl! or GoFundMe Account To Help Family?? Help Get The Husband Out Of Jail That Is… Adam Gordy ??

Beware reports are coming in she is back asking for “help” on social media!


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23 Comments on "Read This Before Ever Helping Jennifer Jackson Gordy!!!"

  1. I don’t think she knows what a car dealership is or a loan for that matter…I took time to explain that to her. Hope she appreciates that.

  2. No she understands she just wants stuff handed to her.since ive known of her on Fb she’s had more jobs then anyone I’ve ever know,she rips people off,and she lies so much.she has issues.she is know way a woman of god as she claims or she would not do the stuff she does

  3. I know, it was sarcasm that I did that.

  4. Ha ha. She finally has blocked me since she owes me money and her husband is a fucking pussy bitch ass who sits around like a boy and play video games and smokes crack

  5. This is beyond ridiculous! I don’t want anything handed to me. I asked for a hand up not a hand out. People need to look their own lives and make sure they are perfect before pointing out my flaws. Yes I have asked for help in the past and am asking for help/info now. However I have also given help, donated items to those in need and offered a hand up to others as well. It’s sickening how quickly people jump on a negative post and spread it around without knowing details, yet everything positive I have done goes unnoticed.
    I’m not perfect, never have claimed to be… but are you?
    Spend your time on things that matter and not on spreading lies!
    People change, move forward, learn from their mistakes, etc.
    Those that spend so much time focusing on me and my past obviously have nothing better to do with their lives and it’s truly sad!

  6. Jason Batchelor | November 21, 2015 at 7:24 pm | Reply

    I’ve helped her but more importantly she made a pillow for me. She isn’t all bad

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