Meet Jitonna Leah Kain

You may remember her from our story Jitonna Leah Kain COME ON DOWN! – Bad Checks Are Just Your Thing Aren’t They!?

Well I guess she still hasn’t learned… The Springfield Police Department arrested her on 5/16/2016 for Forgery & Deceptive Practices.
She is currently in the Sangamon County Jail on a $3000 bond. She has yet to be formally charged in this case.

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29 Comments on "PUT THE CHECK BOOK DOWN Jitonna L. Kain"

  1. Do people actually think they’ll get away with this? Its your check. With your name on it….

  2. Maybe she doesn’t know…

  3. Skye Erwin Tara Nicole Kayla Erwin

  4. I heard right before summer tho and this mfer said put the check book down

  5. I bet her “reasons” for this round of bad checks is sooo valid!

  6. ….and where are her kiddos?? I bet she blames the family she recently stole from because they fired her..

  7. It was her moms acct, so she’s even more of a piece of shit for potentially getting her mom in trouble.

  8. I believe I’m seeing a pattern

  9. Pretty unfortunate. She’s not a bad looking lady.

      • I think its shitty that your website has continued to bash her. Shes the only person that you’ve continued to share your last article several times and then now this new one. Shes a great mother and her kids are well taken care of. I know her family well and because of your website constantly humiliating her, her kids have been harrassed. Innocent children, by GROWN ADULTS. Anyone of us could be in jail for things weve done in our lives, some people just get caught. Your website isnt to make citizens aware of crimes, its to publicly humiliate people. I dont care what these people you post do, because its none of my business. Nor is anyone else’s. Its sick to me That people find pure pleasure in other peoples worst times. Shame on all of you.

  10. Amanda J fuck off,let her write you bad checks! She knew wtf she was doing….

  11. I’d say AmandaJ is a fake name!! Sounds like the guilty herself!! Don’t be stupid & people won’t talk about ya!!

  12. Lol @ Amanda J! A good mother teaches her children morals, to be hard workers and productive members of society. Not to steal from people and freeload off the system!! She constantly uses people to benefit herself and also uses her children to get sympathy and resources. I highly doubt
    there is any truth to her claim that her children are being harassed! How about this, if you don’t like what Springfield exposed published on their page, unlike or unfollow the page! People that are criminals don’t deserve any sympathy in my opinion. She didn’t care about the family she ripped off or if their children will suffer because they are now out thousands of dollars so I don’t give a damn about her or her children suffering. She should have considered that before stealing if she was such a good mother!! Who cares if she is humiliated? She should be humiliated and ashamed of herself!! Lmao

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