Punching Pregnant Minors – Tanisha McCullough (Bridge Care Suites)

Tanisha McCullough is the administrative assistant of Bridge care suites. She hires her friends and family and the entire place is now ghetto. She was in trouble for punching a pregnant minor a little while back, yet still has a job and still lets her friends and relatives abuse the patients at the bridge care suites. Beware of taking your loved ones there for rehab.

Damn… #KeepItClassySpringfield – R

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46 Comments on "Punching Pregnant Minors – Tanisha McCullough (Bridge Care Suites)"

  1. I thought you were innocent until proven guilty? Not one time did I see the word “allegedly” written before any of the accusations! I suggest you take this down before you be slapped with a lawsuit for slander & defamation of character! All I see is ill-intentions behind this article…Report the news, but make sure it’s 100% accurate! I think this is just a spend-off of Springfield Leaks….do better! No harm, no foul!

  2. If you want a previous story taken down email SpringfieldILExposed@gmail.com.

  3. As an employee of the bridge care suites, I can assure you that I am not a friend or relative of Tanisha. And our patients are not abused. You’re slandering every employee of this facility. Making these false allegations is absolutely disgusting. I pray that a lawsuit lands in you lap.

  4. Staci Martin Stan Martin Sr. Interesting did yal ever have any problems?

  5. I had experiences at the Bridge and it is an awesome place for rehab! They treat everyone with respect and kindness.

  6. My MIL is currently at the Bridge and has nothing but good things to say about the place.

  7. Surely this is illegal to insinuate all this garbage! Accusing someone of abuse is a MAJOR ALLEGATION! What happened outside of these facilities has nothing to do with the care of those patients! You guys are awful! Disgrace

  8. I am an employee of Bridge as well. I don’t know anything about the alleged stuff, and don’t really care to.
    I know when I am there my guests get the best care possible by me and my staff. This is wrong to put the entire facility under fire. This is my fun job, and my guests see that!
    I have also had family as guests there and received great care and and exuberant rehabilitation!

  9. Looks like you need to stop telling false information ‍♂️ and tell facts and keep my mom name out yo mouth last time imma say it I’m gone tho

  10. Also an employee. This place does has some flaws, but no place will ever be absolutely perfect. To slam the whole place is pretty sad though because it has done wondrous things for a lot of people.

  11. This is slander. Pull this down. Shame on you. Go out and get a job, run for a board or help someone by volunteering. I am disgusted that you operate like this for fun. These are people’s lives and they have children and families. Get real. Do something with your life.

  12. I have been an employee at The Bridge Care Suites since 2013. I am no relative of Tanisha’s or anyone else there. I am completely offended that the whole facility is being placed under fire for something that “supposedly ” occurred outside the facility. Our guests are taken well care of by some of the best nurses/management I know. I truly hope whomever the “author” of this is gets slapped with a lawsuit!!

  13. I had a patient the other day rave about how wonderful it was. I’ve only heard good things.

  14. I’ve worked under tranisa twice she’s always been a great boss. I can’t speak on her life personally

  15. Tanisha is a very nice person and has been in the healthcare field for years. As we all see No one has anything bad to say about her or the facility where she works. All positive comments made by insiders who actually have been a patient or worked at The Bridge. This is trouble that someone would try to murder someone’s character. To Tanisha and the employees of The Bridge hold your heads up and continue on with the high quality work that you do in the healthcare field. I applaud you all.

  16. Amanda May did you work here for a while

  17. I was a former employee of the Bridge and am absolutely appalled that someone would write such a lie about this facility. The nurses and techs work hard to make sure every patient is not only well taken care of, but has a wonderful experience. I feel that the author is angry at Tanisha, so should take this up with her instead of dragging the employees of the bridge down too. Get a life seriously.

  18. Wonderful people… great staff… best bosses!!!!

  19. Never witnessed abuse in the 2+ years I’ve worked there. It’s a great place, we always get positive feedback, and I feel bad for whoever took the time to create such lies. Maybe you could of applied and saw first hand you don’t have to be friends or family to work there, then maybe your views would be different!

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