Pulling Your Dick Out & Trying To Pull Nurses In Bed Is A BAD IDEA – Ricky Reese Sr.

Meet Ricky Reese Sr of the 4000 Block of Peoria Road.

While at Memorial Medical Center in Springfield IL last week for chest pains, Springfield Police are reporting he “pulled his dick out” & “tried to pull nurses into the bed with him”.
He further went on according to police to say something along the lines of “making nurses and women disappear, but told them they were fine”.

Mr. Reese is currently in the Sangamon County Jail on a $40,000 Bond. He recently in the last few years has been sentenced to several cases of Felony Probation, it should be interesting to see what happens this time.

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42 Comments on "Pulling Your Dick Out & Trying To Pull Nurses In Bed Is A BAD IDEA – Ricky Reese Sr."

    • He dont even have to register as a sex offender! What the fuck is wrong with this state? If this guy isn’t a sexual deviant i dont kbow who is.

  1. tired to pull? come on you can do better than that…

  2. Lol, both on poor spelling and the story

  3. Im sure he was given a psych eval & it was found to be malicious because really this happens literally every day smh lol

  4. Maybe they need to check his dna and alibies against some unsolved muders and dissapearances

  5. Sometimes the truth comes out, wonder how many missing or dead women are from him. Hope they do a DNA.

  6. Plot twist: I think this is the guy that runs spfld exposed axlctually

  7. Well let me just make somethin clear to all you stupid dumb bitches fuck yall!!yall dont know the real story so dont comment this is Springfield n that’s not what happened the stuff Springfield do to get points on this dumb ass website.

  8. I used to take care of this guy….

  9. I think he used to cut my grass

  10. Man who daddy is this

  11. As a nurse I can say, that’s friggin’ nothing. You want to talk about a profession that takes daily abuse (depending on your specialty, of course), nobody gets it like us. The cops get away with manhandling people. We just have to take it.

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