Private School Straight “A” Student Turns To Shoplifting and Turning Tricks – Melissa “LilMel” Wachter

Meet Melissa Wachter AKA “Lil Mel”

Ms. Wacther here is not the typical type you’d expect to see here on Springfield Exposed. She has kept her “dirty” side pretty well hidden over the years.

Ms. Wacther according to sources attended local private school throughout her child hood and was a straight A student. After highschool she went to a local community college to study Nursing.

Her criminal troubles started in 2010 being found Guilty on two separate instances of Retail Theft. In both cases she plead out receiving supervision and fines.

Over the next few years she stayed out of trouble criminally had a child with local celebrity Steven Stark and seemed to have her head on straight again.

In 2014 she was arrested again for a Theft case . . Again Ms. Wachter plead guilty on the theft case and was given a fine and supervision.

Now Melissa here follows this website very much also does her Mother Gayle, so It was rather shocking to me when Melissa was turned into us on a story. I almost didn’t believe it when I read the email take a look at the ad below…
This “Bubble Butt” ad with phone number 217-503-8227 is no other than Melissa Wachter…

At disbelief of this really being Melissa we reached out to her pretending to be a client wanting to setup an appointment.

SpringfieldILExposed: Hello wanted to see about setting up an appointment with you possibly… 1:03 PM
Melissa Wachter: Yes that be great 2:08 PM
SpringfieldILExposed: Can I get a few pictures of u? 2:08 PM
Melissa Wachter: MMS Received 2:16 PM
Melissa Wachter: MMS Received 2:16 PM
Melissa Wachter: MMS Received 2:16 PM
MelissaWachter MelissaWachter1 MelissaWachter2
SpringfieldILExposed: What’s your rates 2:18 PM
Melissa Wachter: 100$ 2:20 PM
SpringfieldILExposed: Hh or hr? 2:23 PM
Melissa Wachter: Umm depends i guess lol on what you had in mind 2:29 PM

At this point we could tell she really wasn’t familiar with the industry. Most industry girls know exactly what they want and are very to the point.

SpringfieldILExposed: Anything I should know? Anything off limits? 2:33 PM
Melissa Wachter: Umm i cant really release exact details on here wouldnt be wise of me…but no not really… 2:37 PM

Hey atleast here she knew not to talk too much details, naturally she was afraid of us being the police.

Anyway then we hit her with the surprise…

SpringfieldILExposed: Wait is ur name melissa? 3:01 PM
Melissa Wachter: Umm might be whos this? 3:07 PM
SpringfieldILExposed: Talk about a small world… 3:08 PM
Melissa Wachter: ….? 3:09 PM
SpringfieldILExposed: Don’t sweat it 3:10 PM
SpringfieldILExposed: Wish u best of luck lol wow 3:10 PM
SpringfieldILExposed: Steve know what u doin? 3:14 PM

Rut Roh brought the baby daddy into it…

Melissa Wachter: Umm i havnt been with steve in almost 3 years or spoke to him so he does need to or would i want everyone to ..its not a type of thing you do offten..desp erate measures . .single and struggling. ..ive nothing but fair with you …qho is this? 3:17 PM
Melissa Wachter: He doesnt know no 3:17 PM
Melissa Wachter: I hope we would be adult enough not to have to kiss n tell right…? I mean if you know me maybe it wouldnt be such a bad thing?? 3:19 PM

Guess she was hoping that we were just a mutual friend of hers and she could get fucked by someone she knew and get paid for it LOL.

SpringfieldILExposed: I am an investigator with Springfield IL Exposed that was my whole intention in reaching out to you. Someone tipped us off to you, nothing personal. 3:48 PM

 And that’s when she lost it… She sent us several book long messages telling us all kinds of other people to exposed how she “isn’t as out there” as others. Telling us how she is struggling to find a tax paying job because of her retail theft issues (She Got Supervision they aren’t even on her record). She just went on and on and on…

One thing she did ask us was to spare her name… That she didn’t want her mother to read about her on our “trashy website”. She admitted she was in a bad position in life and had only tricked it out around 3 times. Though even hours after our conversation her ad is still up and active on the Backpage website.

She tells us that this isn’t her and she was forced into it by a seasoned escort, but then goes on to tell us she is on her own now doing it. Who knows what to believe, all we do know is she is clearly selling her ass on backpage as she admitted it to us directly.

Hey Steve this is your like third girlfriend to appear on here… What’s going on bro??

Though Ms. Wachter hasn’t been charged with any Prostitution charges, her own confession to our staff made it clear she is out there doing it. We hope that unlike others before she doesn’t take this article as a form of free advertisement, hopefully she can get her act together and stop before it is too late.

Even after our conversation with Ms. Wacther we had another person text her and try to setup and appointment and low and behold she set it up… Tsk tsk.

Take a look below at Ms. Wachter’s Sangamon County Mug Shots!
MelissaLilMelWachter MelissaLilMelWachter1 MelissaLilMelWachter2 MelissaLilMelWachter3 MelissaLilMelWachter4



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56 Comments on "Private School Straight “A” Student Turns To Shoplifting and Turning Tricks – Melissa “LilMel” Wachter"

  1. I’d say drugs turned her to shoplifting and prostitution. She looks rough as fuck

  2. Eddie Bubs Skelton Jr. I’d say so to, but she swears she’s sober.

  3. Definitely wasn’t at the time of these pictures lol

  4. Lol depends on the scene you are in if you know him.

  5. Yah I’m lost, never heard of him and didn’t recognize his pic. Maybe he’s on the radio?

  6. No, I’m not in the dating drug addicted escort scene 😛

  7. Speaking of Mr. Stark he just liked our page. .. maybe he will comment.

  8. Awww….This is actually a sad one. I mean don’t get me wrong it’s also hilarious, but it’s sad to see someone who had a bright future fall into a life like that. I mean if you’re born to trash and you end up trash, that’s no big deal and almost expected. But if you’re born with opportunity and a good education and fall into stealing and hooking, that’s sad.

  9. I’m weak but actually it’s sad cause this boy is amazing in every way… And that is a terrible pic of me lol and what scene would you be referring to because unless your at UIS or my house then you probably don’t know me…

  10. I know how to pick them though huh

  11. Nothing should ever reflect on the baby…… period

  12. Hey that is an awesome and handsome kid

  13. No bd hear I am the father of MY child

  14. *here* damn auto correct lol

  15. I just realized that bd = baby daddy.
    I feel old as hell now.
    Excuse me, whipper-snappers. It must be bedtime.

  16. Gabbie N-Larry Tucker is this larrys ex

  17. Yah OK..I know for a fact that when I was pregnant with my first son she was fucking a married man and his wife…got butt as naked in front of a whole room and fucked all of them! She was doing drugs with Henry newtson. And I recommend if someone does do her they use protection because I heard a lot of other shit

  18. She dated one of my friends…did him and his dad

  19. Heroin is the devil. Seen it take many lives. Very sad. Steven Stark is a great dad n that little boy is in the best hands he could be in. I wish there were more dad’s out here like him. Poor Melissa I will pray for her.

  20. I know her that’s Danny ex girlfriend I guess he turns all his girls out her Nick name is( shit head )

  21. Damn I went to school with her

  22. You know what this is my friend!!!! An jus cause she has a drug problem don’t make her a bad person she’s a fuckin addict an instead of degrading her why don’t you try an help her !!! Its sad an she’s actually a really smart beautiful sweet girl I love ya Lil Mel

  23. That moment when Nicole Renee saw her friend on here and decided to keep reading and found a story about herself a few months back when she was in jail…

  24. She’s nothing but a dirty heroin junkie! She will fuck anything with a dick that will give her a little money or dope!! She’s a nasty back stabbing b*tch who deserves to finally be put on blast!

  25. fly on the wall | November 15, 2015 at 3:09 pm | Reply

    drug addict bs! pitty party bs crap! the cunt is a junkie and the idiot pervs that pay her are just asking for diseases and baggage! her, her family, and her junkie johns should all be ashamed!! wonder when they will all say HEPITITUS loud and proud!!I know ONE of her so called clients….hmmm, wonder if putting HIM on blast would limit her cash flow to be a needle nester!

  26. Noneyadambusiness | February 18, 2016 at 11:04 am | Reply

    This is my friend n everyone ducks up in there life time..she don’t need everyone talking shit she needs f y don’t u all help instead of down grading ppl …I love u mel..

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