“Prison Style Doug” – Douglas Brutlag Not Doing So Well In Prison…


Meet Douglas Brutlag.

You may remember Doug here from our previous coverage on him…
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Mr. Brutlag has been in Prison for about 45 days now waiting to see if he is going to be accepted into the IL DOC Impact Incarceration or Boot Camp Program.

From his Temp Status and new photo graph, it’s unknown what is going on, but it doesn’t seem like he is going to get his Boot Camp…

If he isn’t accepted into the program he will do 50% of his two year sentence and be eligible for parole in May 2017.

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6 Comments on "“Prison Style Doug” – Douglas Brutlag Not Doing So Well In Prison…"

  1. Doug Brutlag, be safe no matter what I’ll be here bro

  2. Doug is doing just fine in there. And he did get boot camp. So maybe you should get your facts straight before posting shit about him.

  3. He is doing just fine. Don’t worry about him. He will be ok.

  4. Dude you aren’t no prison style your getting your ass beat in there

    • No he for sure ain’t the prison type but he is definitely not a loser. You don’t know him so your opinion is not wanted or needed thanks so much. Doug keep your head up buddy. You have all kinds of real friends.

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