“Prison Style Doug” Back In The News! – Douglas Brutlag

You may remember “Prison Style Doug” back from our original Facebook Fan Page in July of 2015.

His government name is Douglas Brutlag from Foggy Bottom Road in Petersburg, Illinois.

On January 5th, 2016 Mr. Brutlag was arrested for Felony Disorderly Conduct for allegedly falsifying report to a Springfield Police Officer.  He taken to the Sangamon County Jail where he was then arraigned and formally charged on 01/06/2016 with the Class 4 Felony. Bond was set in the amount of $5000.00 which he posted the same day.

Caused was called for Attorney Status on 01/12/2016 and Mr. Brutlag failed to appear.

Caused was called for a preliminary hearing on 01/14/2016 and it is currently unknown if Mr. Brutlag appeared and if he has a warrant for his arrest or not (we will updated on Monday if he does).

According to reports Mr. Brutlag is also facing criminal charges out of Menard County Illinois as well at this time.

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13 Comments on "“Prison Style Doug” Back In The News! – Douglas Brutlag"

  1. Yeah I wasn’t to happy when I seen this considering he told me he was already going to jail a month or so ago and for 2 years! He just doesn’t want shit to do with McKenna for some reason! I’m just happy she still gets to see her brothers and sister!

  2. He has another kid he doesnt see also right??

  3. I could had told you he wasn’t in jail!

  4. He has 3 other kids and without their mothers inviting McKenna to things so she can still see her brothers and sister she would never see them! I’m very happy that I can talk to them to continue the kids relationship!

  5. Mellisa Melissa Wyzard

  6. Im hoping at some point his time will give him the time he needs to reflect. God is everywhere……..EVERYWHERE. even behind bars.

  7. Fuckin suck my dick leigha Walsh oh wait u did that in it husbands bed oh wait while it married hoe ass u steal from ur own children for it drugs least I’m out here getting better I will be in my kids lives when I can show them their dad is better I’m doing my rehab one day at a time I will face my demons and I will be better to where my kids can see a responsible father but u running it nasty Shit tooth mouth bout me hoe don’t throw stones in a glass house don’t forget I have u fuckin n suckin me off in ur house in ur husbands bed those was the only times u had me seeing McKenna she was my first n yes I was/am a bad dad for not being there but she almost killed my other 2 kids and lied about it and leigha said I was to never see McKenna again so fuck u motherfuckerss who wanna judge and for u other fuckin dumbasses the son I don’t see (Andrew) somer wiseheart and Tim kept him from me! not once in yrs did they try to have him in my life till I got money then they wanna go telling him I’m his dad after 8 yrs of lies so fuck u hoes especially u leigha ima out u so hard with my recordings ur gonna wish u never fuckin lied on me now Melissa wyzard has my two kids that I have been in their lives since day 1 I couldn’t ask for a better mother for my kids so I have no bad feelings towards her like I said she is a great mom and I will never be able to repay her for how much she has given up for our babies and the stress I’ve put her thru but b4 any of u fucks wanna judge someone learn the facts u fuckin dirtbag asses

  8. People need to STOP trying to be GOD. Not one of you people have the right to judge him. All of us are sinners

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