“Prison Style Doug” Arrested Again! – Douglas Brutlag

Remember Douglas Brutlag from “Prison Style Doug” Back In The News! – Douglas Brutlag ??

Mr. Brutlag was arrested on 01/25/2016 for his failure to appear warrant on his Felony Disorderly Conduct charge. This charge is in relation to his arrest for filling a false police report allegedly when his drug dealer borrowed his car and didn’t return it on-time and Mr. Brutlag allegedly called the police and reported it stolen.

Mr. Brutlag is set for First Appearance on Feb 25, 2016 at 11:00 AM in Courtroom 5C.


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13 Comments on "“Prison Style Doug” Arrested Again! – Douglas Brutlag"

  1. I really wish you would leave him m alone. Why kick when the person was down. He’s trying

  2. He is tryn to better him self can’t people back off him for a bit

  3. If tagging someone is talking shit then I guess I am

  4. IMA just say I’m glad my kids don’t have fb to see this stuff

  5. He’s doing GREAT. A real shame they have to EFF with the same ones it seems. More power to him for trying to better hisself

  6. Great in and out of jail and ditching court sounds GGREEAATTT!!!

  7. Kris MomsAngel Pressler Mark Pressler

  8. He did miss a court date however he was not tracked down or anything. He turned himself in! He came in a Gateway van and left in one, too! He is in rehab and is genuinely trying to get his life back on track! All he talked about when he was being booked out is how he had to get his life together for his kids and that he had to be a better father and a role model to his children. Doug’s a good guy underneath it all. Keep up the good work Doug!

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