Pregnant Woman Tasered in Best Buy’s Parking Lot March 2013

Lucinda White Tasered By Springfield IL Police March 30th, 2013

Most people remember this video as it went pretty viral back when it happened.

Meet Lucinda White

Meet Frederic Thomas

Click Here to Read the Federal Court Complaint!

Lucinda filled a Federal Lawsuit against the City of Springfield in relation to her arrest. The lawsuit is still pending in the United States District Court Central Division.

Lucinda was charged with Resisting Arrest in relation to this video. She did plead guilty to that charge, and got supervision with a fine.

This story brings light to an ongoing issue when it comes to the Springfield Police and their excessive force. In this incident it is clear that Lucinda is pregnant ( 8 months to be exact). Was is reasonably necessary for this cop to drive stun her? A “drive stun” is when an officer holds the Taser against someone and applies a shock. It does not involve firing the projectiles and is intended to cause pain without incapacitating the person.

In the lawsuit it states that White, who was eight months’ pregnant, was “acting in a peaceful and non-threatening manner” when Higginson “forcefully grabbed White, tasered White and forcefully caused White to fall to the pavement.” “The force used upon the person of plaintiff, White, who was visibly pregnant with child, was unnecessary and unreasonable,” the lawsuit contends.

The lawsuit adds that the Springfield Police Department has a “pervasive and unconstitutional custom, practice and policy of allowing and condoning the use of excessive force by its police officers against pregnant women.”

Frederic Thomas isn’t new to going to the Sangamon County Jail. Take a look at his previous mugshots. Most of these arrests never lead to formal charges though.
FredericRThomas FredericRThomas2 FredericRThomas3

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