Praise Jesus THE VOTES ARE IN!!! Sasha Dunn Get Ready To Come On Down!!

With 76% of the Votes….. We have read your emails! Who should be the next “EXPOSED” !?!?!


Sasha R. Dunn Get ready to come on down!

We are wrapping up her story and will be brining it to you tomorrow most likely!

If there is anything you want to add… Throw it in the comments below or shoot us an email at .

On the next edition of Springfield IL Exposed “The Dirty

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43 Comments on "Praise Jesus THE VOTES ARE IN!!! Sasha Dunn Get Ready To Come On Down!!"

  1. Finally… WHORE!!!

  2. Hahaha i hope this is a good one, ive known her a long time

  3. I have many stories to tell about hope rago,, she should of been nominated

  4. Yea I knew Teddy TwoFingers the girl that just did the vandalism is the same one that submitted me to this site. Apparently she’s done it to like 3 other girls. That’s what happens when your only friend is a computer lol

  5. Sasha Dunn are you friends with Teddy TwoFingers?

  6. Lmfao… But just 3 years ago your racist ass was talking crazy to be because I’m a “n***** lover? Teddy TwoFingers nothing is ment towards you but just shows how much of a Fucking hypocrite she is smfh

  7. SpringfieldILExposed | September 18, 2015 at 11:10 am | Reply


  8. #exestrashingexesonthinternet #whereisyourgirl #whydoyoustayworriedaboutme!!:)

  9. ^ lhh not at all boo just wait for it!!

  10. Are u serious? Is this is reference to the time u tried stopping you from drinking your baby to death bc a man cheated on you? Or the time I took you to see your kids dad w your one month old daughter and mased him to keep him from beating the shit out of you? You don’t have anything you can say to me but you’re welcome to try!

  11. Drinking my baby away? Bitch you sound stupid n yes he did what he did but does he come anywhere near my children? Fuck nah.. you can say anything you want about me but everyone that knows me or of me know I’m a Damn good mom!

  12. Bitch how many different men u got ur daughter calling daddy? Bitch move around cause i sure ain’t non these others out here u can pull a knife/gun whatever but I know u gonna have ta kill me because I promise I will beat the fuck out you omm

  13. Not at all.. just had to make my point! She a fake ass bitch, can’t fight, gotta pull weapons on Mfs lhh I’m done!

  14. Lol Miss badass over here. What’s wrong Cindy you didn’t have drama of your own? I’ve been with the same man over two yrs and yes he is my daughters daddy!!

  15. Your ate up and nothing but the past. Nothing but words and fb drama I’m good I’m getting back to my life now! 🙂

  16. Like I said I really ain’t about drama but I had to put u on blast bitch u fake always talking about the next mf.. you may have a “live-in” bf but God knows that ain’t the only dick u have lhh

  17. Now ima leave it at that.. #byehoe

  18. Ahh I remember her…, shes a nutbag! Punched my dash so hard during drunken bipolar eposode the airbag deployed on her. Her nickname was Butters too 😀

  19. She use to drive beatdown old van… seen that crazy coot pull a knife on a girl in freedom drive walmart while waiting in line!,last we spoke she got mad and said she sucked her ex’s dick before we hung out and kissed me (double eww..) Hope you guys post soon cant wait to read it oughta be a hoot!

  20. Where’s this story at?

  21. That moment when you see almost all of these comments are by the same person just changing their name up… How’s it feel to talk to yourself?

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