POLL TIME!! Village of Chatham Utilities

Recently there has been a ton of debate over issues with the Village of Chatham’s utilities, especially the water department. We have received countless emails asking us to look into it, or people sharing stories with us and its a tough topic to research really.

Its clear that the Village is having some issues, below you will two polls. Share this thread and lets get everyone voting on it and we will discuss it more after this week’s holiday.

Do You Think You Are Paying Way Too Much For Utilities In The Village of Chatham?

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Are You or Someone You Know Having Water Quality Issues In The Village of Chatham Still?

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2 Comments on "POLL TIME!! Village of Chatham Utilities"

  1. Something has to happen here. NoN of the math adds up. They keep saying we are behind on bills, we just paid 900 to catch up then got ANOTHER bill, the day we paid our bill saying we are still 350 behind! Come on seriously! The stigmata here is pay the bill or get shut off, and they do! I sat down and based on their rates on their website took our usage, and the numbers don’t even come close. Based on my math, on top of facility charges and tax, we are being over charged! Non of this makes any sense! Someone smarter than me figure this out please! We are paying more for a 2,000 Sq ft house running almost nothing, than a 4,000 Sq ft house in Springfield! What in the good hell is going on????

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