Piece of Shits Stole Cash And Jewelry From My Mother The Day My Grandma Died

Stole cash and jewelry from my mother the day my grandma died. Beyond sub human in my opinion. Please keep an eye out and careful who you allow into the your home. SPD has been very little help so far

Police are looking for two suspects involved in a forgery case in which an elderly victim’s caretaker, without authorization, wrote checks out of her personal account. Several Theft and Forgery warrants have been issued for the arrest of Springfield residents Joann Johnson and Tia Taylor, and police need your help in locating these suspects. Criminal incidents in which elderly or disabled people are victimized by those entrusted with their care are cruel crimes that must be stopped.

If you’re the first to give Crime Stoppers the information that helps bring these suspects to justice, Crime Stoppers will pay you a cash reward. The reward of up to ($2,500) twenty five hundred dollars are given to anonymous tipsters who provide information which leads to arrests in any criminal case.  Leave your anonymous information at 788-8427 .

Lets Catch  This Scum! – R

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