Pickle Crazy???

Now these are the type of Internal Affair files we like to see, nice simple complaint or none at all. Now normally we wouldn’t even bring this to you as its so petty, but its scary in a way to think these Correctional Officers have nothing better to do with their time then tease each other while on the tax payers dime.

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So apparently Correctional Officer James Patton with the Sangamon County Sheriff’s Office placed pickles around the jail to tease another Correctional Officer about an incident the previous day. When he was confronted about it the report states he lied and said he had no idea what they were talking about… Umm dude you work there you know there are cameras everywhere, but okay go ahead lie…

Hey those pickles cost us money too as tax payers!

While in other news while the Correctional Officers are teasing each other inmates have died & been beaten up.

Do you job, quit wasting our tax money.

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