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Jon Bierbaum

Beware of this worthless piece of shit! Put his girlfriends face through a window! Put her face in a dog food bowl and choked her out! She lost custody of her two sons, used her…

Information for cash

Willing to pay cash for information on a female named Ali Wilcockson out of Springfield. You can get paid for pictures, text messages, or anything else pertaining to her. Paid cash. Kept private. Willing to…

No Picture


Beware of the evil inside all of us trying to distract us all from all the good the world could be if it wasn’t for negativity, remember to tell the mothers you know happy mothers…

You can get paid too!!

Willing to pay for information pertaining to a person named Ali Wilcockson. I will pay for “new/update/corrected*” information only. You can get paid double with/for: photos, text messages, a story you might of heard or…

Watch your kids

Watch your children around this guy, he likes to beat on 6 year old boys. Watch your children he resides at 2155 south 13th st. Share This:

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