my new man

Just wanted to let all you haters know I got a new man here’s his picture don’t be hating on him he’s got a big cock Share This:

Meth Whore

Be careful of who you sleep with. Careful on who you sell to. Nichole Tamosiatis is pregnant and still smoking Meth. She debts it all day, but has others buy for her. She sits there…

Be careful of who you speak to

Watch out for Michael Devries (Curly).. A snitch for the Macoupon County Sheriff’s Department, Virden Police Department, and also the Feds. Five Dope charges and goes to jail just to be let out two months…

No Picture

Dishonest cheating theif

Christal has been married for 2 years and then that 2 years off and on she will find herself in bed with other men lie about it enough that her husband would blame himself for…

No Picture

Cory jarrards wife Barbie jarrard is no good

Wow look who’s on the new backpage skip the how could you be married and have a family but you sell yourself to be able to buy drugs smh looks like somebody should get…

No Picture

Mystery Hoe

I found this butter faces pics on my cousin’s phone. Enjoy… Share This:

Mama looking for a criminal sugar daddy

Hello guys my name is precious and I’m looking for a new man mine went to jail yesterday for not selling cocaine for the second time but now I need some criminal sugar daddy to…

guess whos busted – again

Guess who’s back in jail again for not selling cocaine Russell hodgkinson 2018cf000787 no bond! He must like showering with lots of guys! Have fun bitch. Share This:

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