Overcrowding On Chatham School District Transportation. Children Sitting On Floors!

According to several parents, students are reporting severe overcrowding on Chatham School District Transportation.

Bus 30 and 63 have been reported so far.

One parent wrote in “My daughter rode bus 63 home, she ended up getting off as soon as possible and walking because there were three kids per seat and kids sitting on the floor”.

Another “My son rides bus 30, he said there were at-least 5 kids squatting on the floor”.

Another “My daughter got off the bus in a different neighborhood because it was so bad”.

While we have to remember that this is the first week of school, and this wont run smoothly, but our children’s lives SHOULD NOT be put in danger.

Chatham School’s have acknowledged the problem and are working to rectify the situation.

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48 Comments on "Overcrowding On Chatham School District Transportation. Children Sitting On Floors!"

  1. I vaguely remember hearing a story on WICS not that long ago about them having problems hiring bus drivers…

  2. They need bus drivers, I believe they’re hiring.. This is what’s causing over crowding on the bus because they don’t have enough drivers..

  3. Not enough drivers?

    There’s no excuse for allowing the kids to ride the bus sitting on the floor! That’s not safe at all.
    Maybe they should have sent notices out for parents to pick the children up themselves. I realize most people can’t do that but I bet enough of them could have that it made a difference.

  4. Moey Bramblett Matulis

  5. Pretty sure it’s illegal to have kids sitting on the floor

  6. Misty ask the girls.

  7. Maybe extra kids got on the bus or some wouldn’t share seats without the driver noticing? I find it hard to believe the school district sent buses/drivers out knowing they were over capacity and breaking the law.

  8. My daughter rides bus 63 after school, I’ll definitely be asking her about this.
    Kayla Strader

  9. Bad enough most buses don’t seatbelts!!! I see drivers all the time driving over the speen limit. Heaven forbid there is an accicent while children aren’t properly seated!!! Shm

  10. Nicole Nyki Nyk Rutherford

  11. What’s going on in this world today damn kids safety should always be first priority

  12. My son rides bus 50 and he said there are in fact children sitting on the floor on this bus as well.

  13. Lynn on our website says “My son rides bus 50 and he said there are in fact children sitting on the floor on this bus as well.”

  14. There is also reports of elementary school kids riding with high school kids due to not enough buses. I would not want my 5 year old kindergartner riding a bus with 14-17 year olds.

  15. Walk, like we did back in the day.

  16. Or I mean you could get a cdl and become a bus driver and idk help out I mean but js

  17. This is the tip of the iceberg. The bus drivers have been letting kids get off at other places than their designated drop off. between the water and public school transportation, Chatham is grabbing all the right headlines.

  18. Snarky McSnark | August 19, 2017 at 7:34 am | Reply

    If everyone just built oversize potato guns they could cram in the kids and shoot em to school. Have to get the trajectory right, but the mess if not would be easier to clean than graffiti.

  19. Desiree Winkel Michelle Christine they need bus drivers it probably pays well.

  20. Please, like the kids are getting off for fear of not having seats. They are getting off at friends houses , and there wasn’t over crowding, there was a group of rude kids that refused to get in their seats. It’s called fact checking . They teach that to responsible journalists.

  21. Ronetta Hamilton | August 21, 2017 at 9:35 am | Reply

    The chatham High School bus that drops off on Eagle ridge had the same problem the kids were standing up and there were 3 high School kids to a seat they put it on Snap Chat.

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