One Local Escort’s Stupidity Changes The Business For Everyone.


Remember Faith Goff of Springfield?

Faith here was arrested back in June for allegedly being apart of a escort/client robbery situation gone bad.

According to reports Faith here was contacted by an out of state man for a massage off the infamous back page website (okay sure whatever you say John). Faith showed up at the mans hotel and they discussed how old she was etc. (even though he just wanted a massage right). Faith then opened the hotel room door and two men walked in and pointed a gun at the client. He was then ordered to strip down, and the robbers stole his money and ordered Faith to perform a sex act on him. The robbers snapped a few pictures of the act and threatened to send them to the man’s wife if he didn’t follow their orders, according to the report.

The robbers then forced the man to drive them down the road to an ATM in the JC Penny Parking lot. The man withdrew $500 from the machine and they all went to Shop N Save next door. That’s when the tables turned and the man drew a gun from his glove box and was able to detain Faith in the vehicle, but the other robbers got away. Faith was held at gunpoint until Shop N Save Security handcuffed her and later the Springfield Police Arrived.

Faith did tell police she was an escort but wasn’t a prostitute because her services are for “time and companionship.”

No prostitution charges ever came of this incident for either party because money wasn’t exchanged for sexual services according to police.

Faith was later indicted by the Sangamon County Grand Jury on COUNT I- ARMED ROBBERY  COUNT II- THEFT COUNT III- ARMED ROBBERY  COUNT IV- THEFT. She currently sits in the Sangamon County Jail on a $100,000.00 bond.

During a local interview with another known escort she stated the industry is feeling the effects of Faith’s arrest. She stated to us it use to be easy for customers to come to her house no questions asked and not be worried if it’s a setup. Now even at hotels the clients are very nervous checking closets and latching the door after entry.

There has been other recent reports of robberies happening, but not of the violent nature like Faiths recently in the city, according to the backpage website. One client posted a beware of a certain escort stating “she came in took the donation and her phone rang and she said her ride was leaving she had to go” obviously leaving with his money as well. How do you call the cops on that one? Umm yes my hooker just came in and took the money and left…

What is this coming to, next the girls are going to be back at Enos Park performing in the pavilion 🙂 .

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