Olive Garden Springfield, IL (1178) Review – 2991 Veterans Parkway (217) 793-0318

Today we bring you the review of the Olive Garden in Springfield, Illinois!
2991 Veterans Parkway,
Springfield,  IL,  62704
(217) 793-0318

Typically we like to do reviews on Local Businesses, but at times you will see we are going to do some “Chain Restaurants”.

Last weekend a few members of Exposed Publishing, NFP decided to head on over to our local Olive Garden for dinner and a quick meeting. Here is how it went down though…

Our party arrived at separate times (about 15 minutes apart), the first guest was seated and waited for the others to arrive. The waiter during the entire time did not even approach the single guest who arrived first. After the entire group arrived we waited and additional 10 minutes for our waiter to appear.

Normally at Olive Garden you are asked if you want to sample some wine, on this day our particular server decided he didn’t want to do that (nor did he remove the wine glasses the entire time from our table).

Anyway we moved past that (no big deal) and placed our orders. We ordered an Alfredo Dipping Boat for our breadsticks, and each person ordered either soup or salad. Several minutes later a food runner brought the soups & salads. They also brought the breadsticks (no Alfredo Boat though), we asked for it and the runner never brought back. We all ate our first round of salad, soup, and breadsticks and we start looking for our server. Mind you all of our drinks are empty as well and had been for some time. Finally our server appeared and guess what? He had the Alfredo Boat with him… No refills though! He then asks us if we need anything and we all look at him and say a refill and another bowl of soup etc (he wasn’t too happy).

The refills and second round(s) of soup/breadsticks started appearing separately (one persons then another then another) apparently he didn’t like using a tray.

Our main courses came and the food was amazing. The food runner who delivered it asked if we needed anything and we all asked for refills again since our cups were all empty!

Our server never came to ask our how our main courses were… He did come by and started pre-busing the table though when we were all finished with them. We had to tell him that we wanted dessert (he never asked), his response was to order off the kiosk and pointed at it!
Since we wanted the dessert we ordered it off the damn kiosk..

Overall the food was all amazing! The service was HORRIBLE!

Needless to say the waiter never even brought us our final bill. We ended up paying via the kiosk thing as well.

Want to hear the kicker though, as we were getting ready to leave two young/attractive African American Girls were seated right across from us. Our Server (also African American) literally ran over to them and was the nicest and friendliest person to them! Tsk Tsk..

Our review of Olive Garden is a D and the only reason it isn’t and F is because the food was amazing. The server just ruined it for us sadly!


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67 Comments on "Olive Garden Springfield, IL (1178) Review – 2991 Veterans Parkway (217) 793-0318"

  1. As always, do remember we will revisit this establishment to give an updated review in the future. Remember the food was amazing, the server though ruined the experience. This goes to show you never know who you are waiting on, and what a simple table can envolve into.

  2. Never had bad service there

  3. Maybe he didn’t think you guys were cute lol. He is a nice person really, just probably has had a lot of bad experiences with White people (which I assume you guys/gals are), and it just translated into a bad experience for everyone.

  4. People have bad days, why ruin some guys job because you’re butthurt because you had bad service? Maybe he was busy? I hope he doesn’t get fired for this

  5. A comment on our website reads “Maybe he didn’t think you guys were cute lol. He is a nice person really, just probably has had a lot of bad experiences with White people (which I assume you guys/gals are), and it just translated into a bad experience for everyone.”

    WOW… Guess you cant be a white guest in this mans section… Never thought it was a race thing…

  6. Were you paid to do a review? Is it your job? I agree, this poor man could have a family. You don’t know his situation.
    Tsk tsk, shame on you.

  7. Why don’t you post something news worthy. Do you think that this post will end here? No! It effects people!

  8. If this review is true then he most definitely should get reprimanded. Who cares if he had a bad day? That means he can take it out on guests? He has the responsibility as a server to do his job correctly and efficiently and failing to do that should have consequences he has to deal with. I had poor service from there only a couple times in my life and when I do I request a manager before leaving and they make it right.

    As for the person saying the reviewers were probably not cute and that they were probably white, you are very rude and a racist yourself. You don’t have to be white to be racist. If he has those type of feelings toward white people then he needs to find employment elsewhere.

  9. Margaret Williams | January 4, 2016 at 10:44 am | Reply

    I have worked in food service since I was 16 years old while going to school, being a daughter, girlfriend, sister, friend, athlete and functional citizen. I take it EXTREMELY personal when ANYONE disrespectfully criticizes the hard working employees in the service industry.
    First of all, this “Springfield Exposed” crew sounds like a glutinous, eager to hate, discriminatory, and poisonous group of young adults who have little to no decency for themselves or others. If you are reading this and “follow” this Springfield exposed page- then you are adding to the hate. *Look up the bystander effect.
    Second of all, with as many spelling errors, grammatical inconsistencies, and lack of knowledge about the table computer (which is a “ZIOSK” not Kiosk). I wouldn’t trust ANY information gathered here.
    A little advice, Go get a Public Affairs degree at UIS and an honest job. See how the material you write about changes. You’ll probably focus on things outside of your bottomless beverages, bread, salad, and soup for $12.49.
    Third of all, I think it is UNBELIEVABLE that race was even MENTIONED in this post because we are all so over that! It is 2016 and anyone who is going to contribute to hate at this point will be left behind without a question.
    Finally, if you can stand to be a respectful guest please join us at Olive Garden but if you are so gluttonous and rude that you can’t- go to Golden Corral, you’ll have your needs better satisfied.

    • Sounds to me like they didn’t appreciate being ignored.

      Ziosk is not a word it is the trademarked name for the table kiosk (http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/kiosk) device at the table. Nice try though.

      I’ve never been a fan of waiting around for corporate food but if yours is an example of the attitude of a server at the local Olive Garden, I’ll be sure not to visit again.

    • Here for the comments | January 5, 2016 at 11:18 am | Reply

      So when someone gets bad service they are glutinous and disrespectful? You are the perfect poster child for Olive Garden they should consider making you the spokes person. Come to Olive Garden where if you get bad service it is your fault guaranteed. Maybe you should consider another profession.

    • Wow Margaret, the next time I’m in Olive Garden I hope you’re not my server. I also have been in customer service for almost 15 years now and the first rule is, don’t bring your baggage with you. If you are so distraught that you can’t put a smile on your face and suck it up, you shouldn’t ever be a server. It sounds like these guys were pretty patient with the long wait and the disappearing act of the server, but more and more just kept going wrong. This server would have given the SAME service even if this group of people were PAID to critique him. Also people have real education and still just end up doing what suits them best. Just because you have a degree doesn’t make you better than anyone (more qualified, sure). If this server was smart he would have seen the potential to make a decent tip. Sounds like at least some had real drinks and not just water, and adding dessert makes the total go up as well. In turn higher bill = higher tip. The only reason race was mentioned was because it seemed to these customers that the SERVER was treating another race better. Maybe it had nothing to do with race, maybe it was because they were females and he is just a flirty guy, who knows? I am in agreement with you that race is and should be a non-issue. Also the general public hasn’t taken any training courses on these “kiosk/ziosk” things like you all have so not knowing anything about them doesn’t make what they say less credible. Those machines definitely aren’t at a majority of restaurants. Everyone understands servers are too busy and some have too many issues going on to function to their best ability, but there comes a time when you go from being patient and understanding to just thinking ‘man this person sucks at their job.’ It didn’t seem like he was too busy to flirt or be friendly/attentive with those girls…I do not tolerate people being rude to anyone in customer service as well, I am one of those people that will still tip you a decent amount even if you are horrible. I clean up the table before I leave and pick up any of the food my children may have dropped on the floor. The one and ONLY time I did not tip was this girl FINALLY (like 15 mins after sitting down and it isn’t busy) came to take our order and then never came back. Also it was all wrong. I think you should go to Golden Corral if you think guests who expect refills and desserts are gluttonous.

  10. I have had Joshua as a server and have had only a positive experience! I don’t trust this review and question if this isn’t somehow a personal vendetta.

  11. Josiah is not racist. He is one of the nicest most courteous people I know. He must have just been having an off night. It happens! No one is perfect.

  12. Spell check Josiah

  13. Also, I’m Caucasian

  14. Funny this page can only tell you the bad things about people. What is this world coming too? It’s sad the only way you feel you can get numbers is by showing very poor information. Also it is very incorrect. This man is far from being racist. One of the most positive people I know!

  15. Clearly, none of you have ever been a server. We all have a really shitty day sometimes. I know I have had a table of 4 or more that constantly reminded me of what I kept forgetting to bring them when I was so busy that I thought I was going to pass out. Those kind of people made me nervous and I didn’t say much when I brought them their food and drinks. I obviously wasn’t expecting a good tip from them, but I never would have expected a whole review with my name publicly shamed. Have you guys ever seen the South Park episode about yelpers? Because it is totally about you. This sounds completely over exaggerated and you guys clearly went there with the intent to criticize and find something wrong. Shame on YOU for being so petty, you all need served a little bit of perspective. It was completely unnecessary to mention the server’s name. And by the way, the fact that he was as nice as can be from the start with another table doesn’t mean he favored them. He was probably not as busy now that you guys were leaving, and I am sure he wanted to start the next table off right.

  16. You know this page has some pretty funny stuff on it, and I appreciate some of the things you post because some people do need exposed. But to come into a restaurant, go home, and somehow think that writing a review on a young man who is pretty awesome and a very hard worker, who goes to school and has a life. Someone who hasnt hurt you, stolen from anyone, nor does he have 30 plus OPs against him…and have the nerve to tag springfield olive garden and the main olive garden page? Now thats just fishing for attention. If you had a bad experience you shouldve asked to see a manager and discussed your experience, instead of publicly shaming someone who doesnt deserve it. You intentionally did this in hopes of what, getting him fired? The people you expose on your page who are dangerous and theives deserve to be called out. You tarnish their name and ruin their chances of being able to rob someone else or victimize them. But someone who you “barely even seen through most of your meal” deserves to lose his job and then make it harder for him to find another one? If that was your intention, then you are horrible people.

  17. A concerned co-worker | January 4, 2016 at 3:09 pm | Reply

    Firstly I’d like to point out that everyone has a bad day, secondly I’d like to make sure you’re not ruling out the fact that you may have scarfed your food and drinks too fast for the average human being to keep up with (also be aware that we don’t just assume everyone wants refills, you may want to change soups, etc. so no… Of course he didn’t bring your refills before you asked for them, we aren’t mind readers.
    As far as the ziosk goes, we are trained to ask our guests to use them as much as possible, so of course he asked you to pay and order dessert via the machine, if you have a problem with that you need to take it up with the company on a corperate level.
    It sounds to me like your only legitimate complaint was his forgetting your boat of Alfredo… The horror!!
    One last note, I find it disgusting that you turned this into a race issue, I know Josiah personally and he is absolutely not racist in the least bit. What the hell is wrong with our society today that every tiny thing gets twisted into “racism”?
    Maybe he seemed more friendly towards the two black girls because they were friendly toward him? (Doesn’t sound like you were.) or perhaps they were friends of his? Or maybe he just stopped being busy at the time that they were sat? Any of those are possibilities, might want to rule those out before you pull that race card out of your pocket.

  18. You guys are the worst people in the world. How would you feel if someone wrote this about you. Then you lost your job. You are the kind of people that need to jump off a bridge and drown yourself so us nice normal people don’t have to put up with your stuck up snobbish attitude. That man had a family, you didn’t have to put his name on there but because you guys are a special kind a**hole. Did it occur to your snobbish a** that maybe the manager made a mistake? Maybe he got double sat? Maybe the cooks made a mistake? Maybe he had an emergency? No because all you guys care about is yourself and how everything in the world should cater to your pathetic piece of crap a**. The sun will shine brighter when you guys are in another country so your snobbish ways won’t contaminate the rest of the good hard working folk of Springfield illinois

    • Here for the comments | January 5, 2016 at 11:13 am | Reply

      So you are saying that this server does not need to be accountable for his actions. That is some sound logic you have there. Next lets not make the customers accountable for the bill, because you know they have a family to think about. Keep trying though buddy you will get there.

  19. First of all, if you can post your opinion then everyone else that wants to comment should be able to and it not be deleted. Apparently you have never worked in a restaurant, and have always been perfect at your job. I understand you expect when you go out and eat to be taken care of. You don’t know if his parents were just in an accident, kids in the hospital, house just burnt down, or something else bad just happened, and he couldn’t leave work and did his best to keep working. I know everyone helps each other out, and if you asked anyone for anything they would of gotten it for you. Instead of asking another server, lets just sit and complain. I don’t think it’s fair to bash someone when you don’t know if he had a situation,which I’m sure you have had in your lifetime. I know there is a call server button on the ziosk and anyone would have been more than happy to get you anything you need. Also if it was so horrible, why didn’t you ask for a manager? It is their job to correct the situation, and recover your visit,and make it a pleasant visit for you. If you would of done that, then you wouldn’t have to bash on the internet, and be a coward about it. Or maybe this is not true? In all reality no one is perfect all the time and we all make mistakes! Olive garden is by far one of the best genuine Italian dining restaurants and they value you like family, I’m sure if you did a consistent visit you would see that. I don’t think one bad visit, gives you the right to bash a server! Also I’m thinking maybe you are one of those needy people that makes a server run their butt off, and can’t ever be pleased! Thanks for your opinion, and letting me voice mine.

    • Last comment in the thread unless someone wants to argue.

      Are you seriously saying that this guy’s parents had an accident and his kids were in the hospital and his house burned down and some other unspecified bad shit happened on that specific night or are you just grasping for excuses? C’mon, you could just argue that he had a bad night without killing his parents and kids.

      You should quit pushing the computer that they are trying to replace you with. It isn’t particularly bright to put yourself out of a job even if the computer would have been more efficient in this case.

      I think all servers might be a bit more diligent about their service knowing that internet reviews like this could get the attention of the masses. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, is it?

    • Here for the comments | January 5, 2016 at 11:10 am | Reply

      Nothing you said matters to the average person that is going out to eat. If I am paying to be served at any establishment then I don’t give a flying fuck if your wife and 2 kids just died in a car wreck and you are the one that sent them on an errand. I had better get the service that I am paying for end of discussion. I do not care that another server would have helped me, I am not paying that server to help me I am paying (or not as it may seem here) for the server whos table I am sitting at to help me. Also it does not matter in a review about talking to a manager. All talking to a manager does is give a bandaid to the problem at hand. If I were the one doing the review I would talk to the manager and it still would not change my opinion about the experience with the server and I would still write about the bad experience. And since when is olive garden considered a genuine Italian dining restaurant, olive garden is like the burger king of Italian restaurants just better then mcdonalds but not as good as an actual restaurant. Since when does a food blogger or a reviewer visit the place several times to form an opinion. Oh thats right never. They base the opinion on that one night, not their fault the server fucked up. As far as the needy people comment is concerned, if you think people are to needy then you should not be a server.

  20. Thinkin Lincoln | January 4, 2016 at 7:37 pm | Reply

    Oh this is rich. I love that these garbage, horribly sad attempts at “journalism” are finally starting to bite you in the ass. The people who run this “NFP” are just as shallow as the subjects they post about. You all are a disgrace to journalists around the world who actually dedicate their lives and careers to bringing news of substance to the world.

    This publication is absolute trash, and stands to do nothing but kill the brain cells of anybody unfortunate enough to come upon it. You fellas need to get a life, and maybe stop bogging down the city’s employees with nonsense FOIA requests under the guise of “freedom of the press”, simply to target individuals like some “not for profit” school yard bully.

    Enjoy the hatred fellas, you’ve earned it. Can’t wait for the lawsuits.i wonder how long it will take you to remove all these comments calling you out for being the total asshats that you are. Just a bunch of douche bag losers who gave themselves a microphone.

    Just remember, FOIA requests work both ways. Hope none of you have any dirty laundry.

  21. So I actually took the time to fill this out and normally I don’t respond to stupidity but I couldn’t hold myself back. Don’t you fellow white people have anything better to do with your time besides posting pointless articles about a “bad” experience with a supposedly racist black server? I’ve had experiences that were 10x worse and if it really affected me that much, I talked to the manager, not whine about it over ‘SpringfieldILExposed’ and make it seem as if he offended my great ancestors or kicked my puppy. This seriously isn’t newsworthy. Posting something as worthless as this get’s people fired, in which this case, he did.

    And don’t say that this post wasn’t going in the direction of racism when this line was in the article:
    “Want to hear the kicker though, as we were getting ready to leave two young/attractive African American Girls were seated right across from us. Our Server (also African American) literally ran over to them and was the nicest and friendliest person to them! Tsk Tsk..”

    Also, posting the pic of the servers name makes you low. You’re putting someone on full blast literally over nothing. “Get a life” – I can’t exaggerate that enough.

  22. Are you kidding me? WHY would they post a pic of the servers name? And why would this page post something as stupid as this? This isn’t newsworthy. Whoever runs this page is as stupid as the idiot who made the article. Don’t you think you have enough newsworthy posts? And then the comment “Want to hear the kicker though, as we were getting ready to leave two young/attractive African American Girls were seated right across from us. Our Server (also African American) literally ran over to them and was the nicest and friendliest person to them! Tsk Tsk..” Don’t you dare imply that the customers werent saying this wasn’t a race issue. This oh so ‘awful’ experience is something Trump would complain about. If you have a bad experience, talk to the manager so that they can manage the issue. That’s what they’re paid for.

  23. I normally don’t comment on these blogs, but knowing Josiah personally, I know whatever he does, he does it out of love! He stays making people feel welcomed. His spirit of joy is contagious! Whoever wrote this blog needs to reevaluate their lives…like seriously even if he was having a bad day, no one should lose their job over it. I am a server and I know for a fact I’ve had bad days and sometimes it results from people like these knuckleheads who come in demanding and rude like thy can’t see we have more than just their table to cater to. if you are wanting fast food Olive Garden isn’t the place. McDonald’s better suits you..anyways after all that was said, I pray that in all of this mess, the haters will know God is working & Jo is about to have a come up! God won’t let the foolish have the last say, he will take care of them! I’m claiming it. Good night.

  24. It also goes to show how people go out of there way too actually affect and completely fuck up random people’s lives, because they have nothing better to do. And why, because you didn’t get a five star experience while dining at a restaurant so busy that no one can do an A+ job for every table, every time, every day. Not to mention it isnt a five star restaurant. It isn’t easy waiting tables, especially compared to what it takes to just burn someone after the fact on a website. You probably just got this poor guy fired. Servers are people too, not robots. He may not of lived up to your standards, but give your judgements lightly before you condemn the poor guy or gal you thought was ill equipped to you needs to almost guaranteed unemployment. There are things that might have been happening behind the scenes you never knew about. Unfortunately in the restaurant world the guest is always right, even when they are wrong.

  25. Also, we all know the olive gardens food isn’t amazing by any means.

  26. Here for the comments | January 5, 2016 at 10:57 am | Reply

    I am curious who would be defending this server if it was as it is said here a “legit” news source. Would you all still be up in arms about it? Why shouldn’t the server be held accountable for every experience that they give a guest? It does not matter what kind of day they are having, you give the best service at all times or you should not be working there. Take the day off or leave work if something really bad happened that is affecting the way that you can treat a guest. Just because you do not like this news source does not mean that the way they were treated while at the restaurant is acceptable. I think you people need to get off your high horse and realize that no food blogger or reviewer is going to take it easy on someone when the server had a “bad night”. If it was a corporate sanctioned reviewer would this still be an issue, or is it just because it is a local business that is doing the review?

  27. Spit, the review for sportclips was positive only after they removed readers’ comments about the stylist. Court documents. See they remove comments when they aren’t beneficial to their cause or congruent to what line they want the story to take; however, they allow totally offensive comments to remain (I specifically recall a gravestone of someone’s husband) and claim “we just took over” or “we are user based.” Truth is they delete what they want and ruin who they want for their own pleasure.

    • Their review of SportClips was positive. I didn’t say anything about the comments. The post I responded to said, “…this page can only tell you the bad things about people.”

      This page had nice things to say about SportClips even if others may have disagreed. Are you trying to get someone fired there?

      Put down the Haterade and stick to the topic.

  28. Web pages comments are better. There are other reviews online about this place. Bout 50 50 on the good and bad. My experience at Olive Garden was either food sucked waiter was great or food was amazing and waiter sucked. Their Alfredo is flat out disgusting all the time too greasy. Every plate I have had from their had a ring of grease all the way around it.
    Far as the waiter goes you had one simple job. Everyone knows what they are supposed to do at their jobs. Regardless of what the circumstance is. It is always best to leave your personal life at home so it doesn’t interfere with your duties.

  29. First off this whole website makes me laugh because it not credible at ALL. I mean come on, “Jacksonville thots”? Not to mention all of the girls shown are under the age of 18. If any of you actually take this website seriously you need to reevaluate. Second all of you saying he had a bad day that’s irrelevant because the fact of the matter is that he didn’t have a bad day this blog was looking for something to write about. I know Josiah personally for over 10+ years and he’s not the type of person to show he had a bad day even if he actually did. And if the service was REALLY that bad talk to the manger you could got your meal free, I mean really. It’s clear that if you really know Josiah or he’s served you before there no doubt that this blog is a bunch of CRAP. TO THE BLOGGERS: If you wanted a bad review on a server at Olive Garden next don’t do it on a server who doesn’t already a great reputation as a person and server.

  30. At here for the comments and spit. You guys are special kinds of assholes. I’m guessing the type that is rude to servers abd cashiers. I have dealt with your kind. Nobody cares about you. Go get attention elsewhere.

    • Here for the comments | January 6, 2016 at 4:08 pm | Reply

      I am not rude to servers even if they mess up. I will speak to a manager about it and it does affect how much of a tip I leave. I am not rude though. I just find nothing wrong with this review unless this is not what actually happened. None of us were there though so we have to go by what is said in the article. If this is what actually happened then there is no excuse at all. If he had gotten sat with more tables then he could handle then he should have let the manager know.

    • I got nothing to prove to you. My servers have never been disappointed unless I was. I haven’t tipped under 15% in a couple of years.

  31. It really sucks this poor man was fired.

  32. All the servers had a good laugh about this today. Thanks for this I need a good laugh. Look next time you do a post do it on someone who is not loved by everyone and the fact that Everyone knows his character. Only thing is horrible is your bad attempt to ever amount to anything. Living like this you will stay a nobody and always strive to get attention from others because nobody in their right mind would ever friend any of you. So I forgive you and my friend Josiah forgives you change your life around then you will be able to grow.

  33. Lol. You know “Spit” and “I’m just here for the comments” is the lonely man who runs this site. Has never been a server. And was so upset at having a kind server that he needed to make himself feel big by making this “report.” Cyberstalker.

    • Here for the comments | January 6, 2016 at 4:05 pm | Reply

      I have nothing to do with this site and this is the first time I have ever commented. I just hate when I get bad service as well. I have been a server actually as well as delivered pizzas and worked in fast food when I was younger. I know that no customer is going to care what kind of day I have had or what is going on in my life. I too do not care what is going on in my servers life. I am there paying for a service and I should get the best service that that person has ever given 100% of the time. If they do not do that then they deserve to be help accountable for what they do.

    • Nice try. I’ve been a server and a bartender. I’ve never been involved in running this site. If I was, the post above with two hyperlinks wouldn’t have sat in moderation queue for over a day even though both links were to this site.

      If it helps to clear my “name”, I missed the J’ville thots drama but from the comments it seems to me like they stepped in it and had to remove the video. I didn’t see the video and I’m OK with that.

      Your humble servant,


  34. I bet you tip crappy here for the comments. And remember nobody is perfect!

  35. Listening to here for the comments responses is hilarious. I can feel the smugness and stuck up attitude from a mile away while everyone else is making valid points and making sense. This fucker just keeps saying stupid shit that makes him look pathetic.

    • Here for the comments | January 7, 2016 at 2:27 pm | Reply

      I don’t look pathetic. If not caring about other people makes me smug and stuck up then I certainly am that. I just learned a long time ago that I need to take care of and think about myself first then friends and family. Everyone else can take a leap off a cliff.

  36. Here for the comments really said “I don’t give a flying fuck if his family died………..there is a special place in hell for a person who has no disregard for anyone’s feelings but himselfs. I hope u find that special place very soon!!!!

    • Here for the comments | January 7, 2016 at 2:25 pm | Reply

      Well if there actually was a hell I might worry about that, but I do not fall into the delusion of an invisible person in the sky that I have to obey or else I will be punished. I live a very happy life not having to worry about other people feelings all the time.

  37. Like I saud Here for the comments is a special kind of asshole. I’m in sales and I get to know my customers and they know me. They ask how my family is doing. Not all are rude like Here for the comments.

    • Here for the comments | January 7, 2016 at 2:24 pm | Reply

      I would much rather be that special kind of asshole then to have to worry about how someone else might be feeling at any point in time. Unless we are friends or family I do not give a fuck what is going on in your life. Also sales is a whole different ballgame compared to food service. I am currently in sales and I also get to know my customers and even come to think of some of them as friends. You should try comparing things that are the same.

  38. John J. Righteous-Hypocrite | January 7, 2016 at 6:52 pm | Reply

    I wish Mr. Ted’s would open back up.

  39. I love how people make a excuse for a person Not doing the job they are hired to do. grow up this person was hired do a job. kids family or single you always should give 199% every day it goes to show you now a days the work ethic of this generation.

  40. I’m a manager on the service industry. And if I received a review like this you better believe I’d take action. I would bet if he got fired the manager had received more complaints than this. I wish this review group would have reported it to the manager and left the individuals name out of review. Give them an immediate opportunity to make it right. The server, depending on managers informed decision, may have needed more training or better suited for another position. However when you are dealing with the public you don’t know who you are dealing with. You need to be on your game. Take responsibility, learn from the experience, and do better.

  41. Here for the comments you better hope a few people don’t complain about you and you lose your job. And you still are an asshole. And sales and food are related. You work for a tip and commission.

  42. I find it funny that you are so concerned about this poor server and not the drug dealer that waited on me tonight. We had to her all about Sammys dabs hes selling, I mean really shame on him!!! #OliveGarden. I will never sit by a drink station again.

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